Wayne Bent speaks from prison

LISTEN: “Turning Point” (Wayne Bent speaks from prison)

The imprisoned leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church isn’t letting incarceration keep him from espousing his foreboding pronouncements from his familiar post in cyberspace.  A new audio recording featuring the voice of Wayne Bent appeared on the LOR’s Web site today. It sounds as if it was recorded over the telephone.

In this latest recording, the convicted sex offender can be heard for 12-minutes and 57-seconds.  Here’s one excerpt:

It seems like ages ago when they murdered my distant cousin, Charles Bent, the first governor of New Mexico. It was in Taos, the same dark town where they murdered me. They beat down his door, shot him, then cut off his head. They hated this new ruler who was over them.

Bent finishes-up his latest message with these words:

Angels now sing their songs, and the sounds of my prison are overcome in the music and melody of my Father. We will soon go away, and men will never behold our brightness again.

The entire transcript of the recording is posted on strongcity.info.


As I listened to Bent’s latest offering, I found myself reminded of a song by the late Johnny Cash. Bent’s oft-scratchy audio and the tone of his message seemed similar to Cash’s spoken words at the beginning and the end of The Man Comes Around (The first 20-seconds of Cash’s tune can be heard here) .

I went to YouTube and watched a few videos featuring The Man Comes Around.  The first one included news footage of nuclear explosions, riots and the attack on the Twin Towers (although this video did not include Cash’s spoken words at the beginning).

Next, I went to Wikipedia to learn a bit more about the song I’ve often listened to on my iPod. According to Wiki:

The song is introduced by a spoken portion from Revelation 6:1-2 in the King James Version. This portion of Scripture describes the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, each heralded by one of the “four beasts” first mentioned in Revelation 4:6-9. The first horseman rides a white horse. The musical portion then begins with Cash reciting that a man, presumably Jesus, will one day come to pass judgment. The chorus indicates that these events will be accompanied by trumpets, pipers, and “one hundred million angels singing”.

With such glaring reminders of the content Bent has posted on the Internet over several years, I had to wonder how his song might begin.  That is, if Bent were to sing a song aimed at warning the world that he “will one day come to pass judgment.”


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121 thoughts on “Wayne Bent speaks from prison”

  1. After just listening to the heart breaking testimony of Elsa Sayer, and then reading and listening to Wayne’s so totally “poor me,” focused rant, it was all most disturbing. How those can follow one so obviously filled with demons, is beyond me.

  2. Wayne you are pathetic! We do not feel sorry for you at all (comment edited by host here). You will never accept responsibility for your own actions, but will be quick to point the finger at others or to pass judgment on others. You are right where GOD wants you now and he is in charge and his name is not Michael.

  3. I feel very sorry for Wayne. My heart really goes out to him. What a cruel place for him to be. I have expressed my opinion previously, that I would prefer for him to be home during the appeal process, but absent that, he really should be in another kind of facility, where he can be treated much more gently than being there with cut-throat criminals. If he were in Texas or in Louisiana (yes, they have made lots of changes), he could be in a faith-based dorm with a very different environment.

    But, actually, where this man really should be is not in any prison. He should be in a mental health facility, where he can get some professional treatment and medication. How can they just incarcerate a man in a cell, with uncaring guards treating him cruelly, when he is raving away that he is the returned Messiah… the return Jesus, the Son of God, the decider of the eternal fate of all of earth citizens (all going to hell, except for his few pals) and making predictions for the eminent destruction of the world? Surely, that is enough of an indication for someone in a judicial position to order him committed for kind and humane psychiatric treatment. This is why we have mental health institutions… no one would fit their admission criteria more that this sad, pathetic self-aggrandizing man. Like I said, my heart really goes out to him and I wish for him something better than to be confined in such a horrible environment.

    — Sam

  4. Sam, I have a hard time figuring out how he made it thru the evaluation process of the prison system and not found to be mentally ill. How many Messiahs do they have in there? Guilty and sick, he needs treatment, but like with Esther, how do you treat someone who doesnt want your help?

  5. Give me a break!


    I would support Wayne going into some kind of Mental Health Facility if he really needs that kind of help, but at the same time what do you think Wayne would say if they found him to be insane? How would this look to his followers knowing he was insane? Would Wayne or his followers accept this to be the truth?

  6. Sam wrote: But, actually, where this man really should be is not in any prison. He should be in a mental health facility, where he can get some professional treatment and medication. How can they just incarcerate a man in a cell, with uncaring guards treating him cruelly, when he is raving away that he is the returned Messiah… the return Jesus, the Son of God, the decider of the eternal fate of all of earth citizens (all going to hell, except for his few pals) and making predictions for the eminent destruction of the world?

    You know, Sam, I admire your passion, but I think you are truly misguided in your sympathy for Wayne Bent. Further, the only source we have for the care he is receiving in prison is Mr. Bent, and given his propensity for hyperbole (he was murdered in Taos, after all), do you really believe his reporting of conditions is accurate?

    The New Mexico penal system lists Mr. Bent as being an inmate in the Main Unit of the Central New Mexico Correctional Facility. Here’s a description of that unit:

    The Main Unit is broken down into one primary and five secondary missions. The primary mission is the Reception and Diagnostic Center for the Department. Fifty-four percent of the individuals incarcerated within the unit are a part of the Reception and Diagnostic process. The first secondary mission is the Mental Health Treatment Center (MHTC) with a total of fifteen percent of the population. Next we have a small portion of general population inmates that are required to remain at the unit based on medical or mental health care needs. The general population encompasses thirteen percent of the population. The next two missions surround the Long Term Care Unit (LTCU) with six percent and the Geriatric Unit with five percent of the total population. Lastly, the Main Unit carries a 48-bed segregation unit that totals seven percent of the population.

    Now, given that I assume Mr. Bent is no longer in reception, I’m guessing that he falls under the “Mental Health Treatment Center” “medical or mental health care” or “Geriatric” or “Segregation.” Which of those is likely to put him in sustained contact with cut-throat criminals? (He’s not at the State Pen.)

    Isn’t receiving mental health care exactly what you want for him? Isn’t a logical consequence of breaking the law, and refusing to show remorse, incarceration? If he is receiving mental health treatment while incarcerated, why does he deserve to be in a less “harsh” environment? If you don’t believe he should be incarcerated even though he’s been convicted by a jury of his peers, then are you arguing that our judicial system is so broken that every conviction should receive a judicial review with the convict free for the process?

    Where is your proof that uncaring guards are treating him cruelly? Because he and Jeff say so? Honestly, I think that’s a very unfair characterization of people when Bent’s demonstrated over time how willing he is to slander those who cross him, including the DA, the judge, and even Mark Horner.

    Bottom line: I don’t accept the argument that Mr. Bent is “just incarcerated in a cell” – I don’t think the state can really divulge the totality of the treatment he’s receiving because of privacy rights, and I think Mr. Bent is bloviating once more in this most recent post.

  7. OK, I’ve read all of the transcipts so far, I havent seen any hope for an appeal. Unless there is some bombshell hidden in John Sayer’s testimony or in Gabriel or Allasso’s testimony, I would say that Wayne is not getting out.
    KM, thanks for the shot of reality. I’m sure Wayne is not being treated like a messiah, but I dont think he is in the bowels of hell(not yet).

  8. Ron, thanks, but if you’re talking about the above post that was EMC. And I completely agree! I seriously doubt that he would enjoy a “faith based” prison environment anymore than he likes where he is now. He’s only happy when he’s in charge and too bad for him, he’s not! And like EMC said there is no proof that he is being mistreated, he’s just not enjoying his free room and board.

    Is anyone else curious about the recorded phone call and it’s posting on the SC website? Do you think that’s allowed in the prison system? They’re very strict about the content of letters going out and phone calls are not private except with your legal counsel. I don’t think there is access to the internet otherwise we would be seeing a lot more posts. So, when the prison gets wind of this recorded posting (and they will since nothing is private in prison) I wonder what will happen? It could be that it’s perfectly okay but I’m thinking it’s probably not kosher. It might even affect any sort of appeal and/or release while on appeal.

    Cooperation always seems to work best when someone else is calling the shots!

  9. You’re so sweet! Thank you! 🙂

    You’re also very witty and I get a good chuckle reading your comments. Too bad we couldn’t have been on the jury. It would have been really interesting! 😉

  10. The more I have studied the transcripts and considered the appeal possibilities, I find that the only faint glimmer of hope (as I explained in the other thread) lies in that interpretation of the meaning of the word “intimate.” But, when I say, “faint,” I now mean that the odds are “slim to none.”

    I gained this perspective after reading the prosecution cited appeals precedent case, State of NM v Trevino, and listening to the comments made by Judge Baca in discussion of the Defense’s Motion for a Directed Verdict to Dismiss. It appears from that appeal decision that the meaning of such a term as “intimate,” when describing a part of the breast, would be in the scope of what is able to be determined by the jury, based on their own community standards of decency and propriety. Since the jury was well versed on the nature of the contact with the fleshy (mound) of the breast (logically concluded based on Bent’s on demonstration of his hand placement and the A.S description of a kiss on the breast) and understood from testimony that no contact was made with the nipple area, that they rejected the notion put forward by the defense and concluded that merely touching the mound portion would be inappropriate. They concluded that contact with the nipple area did not have to be made for Bent to be found guilty of the charges and that touching the mound portion was in violation of standards of decency and what is considered proper in the community.

    Also, I think that there are also standards which have been established regarding sexual harassement, where it is considered inappropriate (indecent) for a man to touch a woman on any part of her breast (even if exposed in a low cut blouse). So, other standards of what are intimate areas might also be applied to this situation and the jury’s decision on that distinction most likely won’t be questioned.

    On the subject of mental health care faciliites… I think that the reason that New Mexico has the well staffed and equipped location in Las Vegas, NM is for a good reason. Other prisons are not in a position to provide what a person as mentally ill as Bent needs. I would like to see him moved to a true mental hospital. I think that would be the most humane approach.

    — Sam

  11. Sam, I agree with your perspective. I think the testimony of A.S about the kiss and how she felt about the experience showed that she felt very violated. Her sister didn’t feel the same way or talk about being kissed or touched on the breast (although I think she most likely was) which is probably why he wasn’t convicted on Count 1.

    The precedent as established in Trevino definitely allowed the jury to apply their own standards of decency and propriety, which they did. There might be something else to base an appeal on but nothing that really pops out.

    As far as mental health care, Las Vegas might well be a more humane place for WB, but right now he’s not convinced he is mentally ill and he probably would be even more angry at being sent to a mental hospital than he is at being in prison.

    I’m not sure how you convince someone who thinks they are a god, or an angel or whomever he thinks he is today that they need help. And I don’t think he can be forced to take medication. There are different laws on that, don’t know that they would apply in this case.

  12. Ive been involved in other important work and havent checked waynes status after being jailed in october and all the while knowing waynes own words and warped love of his own false divinity would drag himself into the prison specifically designed for him.
    I see jeff is calling america babylon… well jeff let me remind you of solomon and his best buddy the king of tyre along with the temple, The lord had had enough of the families work and during mannassah’s reign the lord said enough of passing the children thru the fire and gave the babylonian king power to destroy the temple and family rule and it was done, jeremiah spoke of this beforehand as he seen the sickness of it all, well prudence seen wayne and the family sickness before it could strike full power and the lord works thru her, as I recall the lord blessed the babyolonian king and worked thru his power as he seen fit, sorry , I know you see it differently, how could you see it for what it is? No childish power struggles for me, It is what it is and someday you will accept it whether you want to or not. Got more work to do, satan is at work thru others at this very minute, and for all that dont believe in lucifer,,, wayne believes it, isn’t that enough, he lusted for lucifers gifts and know hes paying the piper

  13. Following up on Mark Horner’s posting, which started this thread (about Wayne Bent’s phone call from prison), I have done a posting (which you might find amusing — or scary) on my personal blog. I have included an illustration, which might just show the creature Wayne is seeing in his visions (we know it’s gotta have “hind parts” to be what Wayne saw).

    You can access my blog by clicking the link associated with my name to the right of this post.

    — Sam

  14. Sam, your post made me laugh so hard. I was wondering myself what he meant by “hind parts”. 🙂

  15. I was wondering if Wayne was trying to tell us he saw God’s butt. I have heard of many descriptions of the God’s contenience or his face, but never have I read or heard of anyone else seeing God’s butt. Wayne is thinking like Bart Simpson.

  16. Ron, if you will download and install the Google toolbar into your browser, you will get an amazing spell checker, which works on your text entry area here (or anywhere you are entering text). It is invaluable and the reason that my posts are often spelled correctly (it doesn’t keep me from writing bad grammar, but at least the spelling is right). I use that spell checker everytime I post anywhere.

    — Sam

  17. Ron, It has been very quiet ever since Wayne’s very strange, and rather bizarre voice message from prison. It is very hard to understand exactly where his mind is after that one. It certainly cannot be in a very Godly place that is for sure.

    I am wondering, even though they seemed to be full speed ahead on an “appeal,” if perhaps they are actually understanding what Sam has pointed out, that an appeal for this case is probably very unlikely.

    If that is the case, no amount of fasting or threatening posting is going to change what is, that Wayne very likely might be locked up for a very long time.

    I might imagine that this could cause a lot of “Trouble in What Once was Paradise!”

  18. I have been wondering if Esther is *really* okay. Has she been cooperating with her court orders, and has her sister heard from her?

  19. A successful appeal is possible

    Well, just to “throw you a curve” (I love baseball analogies) I have just done a new posting on my personal blog, called “Don’t count him out yet.” (I also love boxing analogies.)

    You can access by personal blog by clicking on the link on my name to the right. —->

    — Sam

  20. Would an appeal open the door for more evidence that could give the new jury a broader picture of how Wayne operates, and that consumation seems to be part of his religion? Couldnt that show a “grooming” to be takeing place with the girls?

  21. Ron — A new trial would allow new information, new witnesses and new testimony. In the appeal, only what occured in the first trial is debated (looking for errors). New evidence, which would be exculpatory (as you have seen in the DNA appeals), which refutes evidence from the trial can be presented in an appeal (because it would go towards proving trial errors).

    A new trial is a “whole new ballgame.”, for both sides.

    — Sam

  22. That last sentence of WB 13 min long crazy rant, “Turning Point” really worries me.
    I wonder just what he means by this heading because he certainly does not seem to have a change in attitude,
    rather is even more determind to make it known to the world that we are all dammed to Hell….and that none of us are saved!
    Wow! what a nice god….6.5 billion souls forever lost and only few handful, about 60, that only ones saved are those that believe in this mans crazyness and sexual inpropriaties.

    If for some one in a trillion chance all this were true, then a god like that certainly is not a loving and saving god is he?
    Mr Bents last sentence is very disconcerning when he states as matter of fact, “We will soon go away and men will never behold our brightness again”.
    Just how does he suppose “they” will all be going away soon….how soon and by which means?
    And what the hell does he mean by beholding their brightness?
    I doubt any of us has seen any brightness in any of these people and
    have witnessed nothing but darkness and sadness in just about all of them.
    These are the most unhappy people I’ve ever read about.
    What happiness could they find in being worried sick night and day trying to be perfect, not sin.
    They seem to be unaccepting of Christ Robe of righteousness that saves us….Gods Grace!

    And I don’t see Mr Bent being persecuted and head hacked off as he’s claiming.
    Isn’t this proof enough that this man is clearly insane?
    And the people who follow him are just as sick and mentally ill as well.
    I don’t understand how they all could have been led into insanity unless its some sort of evil spirit
    leading and guiding them. Its like they have some sort of demon posessions going on there.
    What a sad sick leagacy Mr Bent is living and leaving behind him…but I guess this runs in the family?!

  23. People I hate to tell you, we made a huge mistake this past year on election day by voting in Obama. What were we thinking? Look at these comments from our buddy Messiah Wayne Bent:

    1) The seventh woman completed her request and reception on October 29th, 2007, at the very end of the 490-year prophecy. This marked the day of liberty for God’s people and the day of judgment for the earth. Two days later the stock market would begin its long fall,

    2) On September 10th, 2001, God gave me a prophecy concerning the destruction of the World Trade Center. The next day it was destroyed, just as I had prophesied and posted upon my website.

    3) I wrote to President Bush and told him not to do that, not to attack Iraq. But no man listened to me.

    4) I was told that since October 31st, 2007, the world has lost fifty trillion dollars in value—that is, one half of its wealth is gone, up in smoke.

    Looks like according to Wayne’s post and video he is communicating just fine with his people and as he said, we should have listened to him, right along.

  24. WB and his followers have always threatened they were “going away”, “translating”, “leaving”, etc.

    Whenever someone has mentioned that this is suicide, the followers will tell you it has nothing to do with that, however, Esther was willing to starve to death a month ago for WB.

    Makes you wonder just how far they would go, or how far they plan to take this.

    The man is in jail, and somehow he still has this influence and control over them.

    They are there in SC — waiting for what?

  25. Uggh! That man says the same thing over and over and over. Different words, different order but always the same.
    We’re bad, we’ve crucified him and we’re lost!

    WB is not a god, angel, son of man, prophet or anyone special. He’s just an old man with an extreme ego problem who continually twists and turns the same events pretending he told us about them and we didn’t listen. All so the handful of people who believe in him will keep believing in him which feeds his ego and the circle goes round!

    Check it out WB; the economy, poverty, wars and everything you’re claiming to have prophesied about has happened time and again throughout history. We’re not experiencing anything new. In fact the world has been in much worse shape than what is happening now. There have been men and women throughout the ages who’ve said the world is going to end, get ready. Crying out like Chicken Little, “the sky is falling”!
    In case you haven’t looked out your prison cell lately, the world hasn’t ended. You can continue to write your sad little tales but God, the one true God will decide when the world will end, not you!

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 (New International Version)
    9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

  26. That’s what SC said last time and I’m not sure if that type of thing is allowed. Doesn’t seem like it should be.

    They have denied reporters access to him for interviews, not sure the reason behind that. The Internet is not available because they don’t want the inmates getting on and harassing, stalking people or visiting inappropriate websites. Rants like he’s posting, especially the hate filled parts seem like something they wouldn’t want inmates to posts on a website whether it’s written or audio.

    Maybe no one knows that they are recording his telephone calls or publishing his letters. If it’s against prison rules I’m sure they’ll find out one of these days and put a stop to it.

  27. What about an appeal?

    As I have said I am an ongoing student of criminal cases. Of course I may have my own personal feelings about these cases as I do in this one but for me what continues to be of interest is the law, the interpretation of the law and whether the laws were followed from beginning to end. I just believe so strongly in the rights of the accused. I think in part I have become even more passionate in this regard because I see every day more and more of our rights being swallowed up by society’s penchant for there always having to be someone at fault in every situation. Or in actuality, more that someone must “pay,” in every situation.

    In this case with Wayne Bent it would seem that most things were done properly under the law prior to the trial. We know that he was read his Miranda rights, although quite honestly as I have said Wayne’s first bit mistake was not using those rights and giving any statement at all. I am not sure if that was his ego acting or not. Certainly Wayne is not stupid and he claims to know the law so why he chose to give a statement is curious. Perhaps he did believe they would understand “religious healing,” and not make an issue out of his actions. Or maybe his negative feelings about attorneys kept him from calling anyone to stand by him. But that mistake of course is not appealable, I would not think.

    So as a student of this case and now really being able to first hand listen to the incompetent attorneys on both sides try their cases in New Mexico Court I am constantly reflecting on what grounds Wayne might have in this regard. Actually I was a little surprised when Sam Redman first posted he did not think there were any appealable issues. I do not have any experience with this other than my own gut feelings. And there were a few things as I have listened and typed that came to light for me. Of course now Sam has posted an interesting list of possibilities on his blog.

    That whole testimony by Dr. Melton which I found fascinating, really was based on Melton studying the very Strong City Mirror site that Ms. Montoya had successfully managed on day one to keep out of the trial. She objected clearly to the State adding Sam Redman to their witness list and certainly made some good points. Although I do believe if the State had gone about using Sam properly he could have easily proved that he was in fact a computer forensic expert. The State really should have seized Wayne’s computer though and gotten all that data off of his hard drive. Another big mistake by the State. But the point is, should Dr. Melton have been permitted to offer testimony having used the Mirror Site to Study Wayne Bent and his religion? Why did Montoya not object? Did she not understand that was where Dr. Melton had gained his knowledge in those three weeks? This issue really came through clearly for me, and presently I would think it would be the number one thing going for Wayne Bent’s attorneys right now.

    I understand the State continued with their claim that this case was not about religion but maybe it should have been. The waters actually do seem a little muddy there in regards to A.S. and Healed. Before this trial and listening to what might have happened I felt a lot more strongly regarding this touching and the skin to skin contact. Now I quite honestly am not so sure. Every indication that I have seen is that Wayne seemed to actually be careful with these two younger girls. And while technically where he touched is legally an intimate part but perhaps not so intimate to be in jail locked up for ten years. And maybe what was interpreted under Trevino needs to be reexamined. It certainly might indeed be something Wayne’s lawyers should be looking at.

    As far as incompetence. Well thus far I have felt that each and every attorney that I have thus far transcribed, has been in my opinion a bit incompetent, except for Emilio Chavez. And what is amazing to me is that he was, I do not think, even supposed to be part of the State’s team. I was very disappointed in Gallegos and how he conducted the examination of the 3 State workers. And Montoya seemed a little sharper with that part but just barely. My list for Benevidez would go on and on. I could fill several pages on my frustration with him. That man either needed to go to a bible class or brush up on attorney skills because he was terrible. Montoya I am not sure if she is a bad attorney. She actually had a few moments where she impressed. I have a feeling she had her hands tied mostly by her client. However, I happen to think she went about trying this case completely the wrong way. Was that her doing or Wayne’s? Maybe it can be shown that she was the one in error here and if that is the case there might be grounds for an appeal on incompetency by counsel.

    Some might say I am just posting in defense of Wayne. I honestly do not believe that I am. I just am looking at the other side of the case and truly wondering if the State of New Mexico did actually get this one right, legally under the law. And as they say, “It’s often not over until the Fat Lady Sings,” maybe for Wayne there might be another chorus yet for the lady to sing. But it also might help if Wayne stopped these insane songs he is still singing on the phone to Jeff and start doing something useful with his time and looking at what might have been in error in his trial.

    And if this case would be tried again. It also might be great if the State actually prepared thoroughly for it because it would indeed be a whole new ballgame.


  28. If your old unlce George got caught doing what Wayne did, there would be no question of his guilt, but since Wayne is a “religious” man, maybe he isnt guilty. LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s hope there are no legal loopholes that let this man back into society.

  29. Actually my uncle George is very religious, so he probably would be ok. But now my uncle Ralph, he was not so much and I think he would have been in big trouble. I am glad you are chuckling though because your posts always make me smile.
    Your earlier question:

    How many Messiahs do they have in there?

    Ron I am still laughing at that one!.


  30. Thanks for all of your hard work, Jan and Sam. Both of you have really been a blessing to me.

  31. Ron,
    You are most welcome and we are not finished yet, just taking a little break. Our plan is still gavel to gavel.

    Let’s try my name again …


  32. My heart goes out to all of those young women at that compound. They are so young and some of them have no idea what they miss out on. A few of them are so fixated on wayne they give up having real love with a man and knowing the joys of being a mother. They think falling in love with Wayne is the same as falling in love with a man. They liken motherhood with ‘giving birth to a baby in the woods/wayne’ and birthing him.

    Wayne talks about hate and terror. He says the world hates him and judges his people. What this man has done is taken a group of people and taught them to hate and become dissident against everything that is outside of those gates.Teaches wives to turn on their husbands. Teaches children to disobey their parents. And teaches that it is okay to leave a sacred vow and have an affair with your own daughter in law.

    Terror? This man has struck fear and terror in the hearts and minds of these people. They walk in circles on that land day after day because they can’t socially function outside those gates.

    I whole heartedly disagree with the folks who are talking about wayne getting out of prison or getting it easier. I am an old woman and I have been around longer than most you here. Wayne belongs in that prison. He has destroyed lives on purpose and he still controls those people from where he sits. He’s got a young woman so stirred up she would not take food for this man. He’s ruined two young women by fondling them then blaming it on them by saying it was they who wanted it. For a man claiming to be a messiah he sure don’t have the testicles to take full responsibility for guiding these girls into profane acts with him.

    The prison needs to know that Mr Bent is instructing these people to post his mad ravings. They need to shut him down. He should be confined to writing only letters about himself.

    Let him rot I say. He knew he was not supposed to touch them girls and he went and did it anyway. He’s going to go to his grave defending his acts and blaming his victims.

  33. One thing I never felt from Wayne was love. My exchanges with him always left me with a cold feeling, just like the cold look in his eyes.

  34. Amazing how many messages Wayne is still getting out to the Strong City website. This last one might be true but not in the way Wayne thinks …

    Why Am I a Terror?

  35. Never met him in person, but had emailed him right after I saw the NG doc. I was suprised how quick he emailed me back. This went on for a week, and he just came off as smug and cold. And then while commenting on this blog, we had a fast paced exchange. Plus, I always wondered if he was also posting on Prudence’s site under the name and character of William Wallace.

  36. Have you ever read the VICE message board on the topic of Bent? It’s almost like Bent sat online and goggled his name and
    when he finds that people are talking about him, it’s ‘game on ‘. The posts went back and forth and on and on. Bent and the
    others are all very smug and condescending, especially Gabriel. One of my favorites he said, “fallen humanity tends to be
    extremely dense when it comes to spiritual truths”. I can’t stand people that are so full of themselves.

  37. Amazing! Hard to believe he is getting so much out of prison. Do they not monitor correspondence? One thing that still amazes me is how he can write 2246 words and say absolutely nothing and with little to no charm whatsoever. And I like you Ron wondered about the William Wallace saga.

  38. I just went to the Vice site and read a little of Wayne’s comments. One that caught my attention was “The sixth plague is that the river Euphrates dries up, and I certainly can see that no grace (river Euphrates) exists for you anymore.”
    Didnt he recently say that the river Euphrates was the money, as in the finacial crisis? What will the meaning of the river Euphrates be in his next post?

  39. Could someone explain exactly what the VICE board is? I googled it and came up with the Miami Vice message board. Is that what you are referring to?

  40. Enter this (exactly as I show it) into google and you will get all the vice magazine entries about Wayne:

    michael travesser site:vice.typepad.com/vice_magazine

  41. I didn’t put my correct email address in that last post (but, it was really from me).

    About Wayne’s correspondence from prison. They go over letters according to some pre-set standards (there are certain forbidden subjects, which you can read about on the prisontalk.com.forums/) and they mark out with a black felt tip marker, words or sentences which they find objectionable. Probably, nothing he writes crosses their boundaries. But, I am surprised that they are allowing a prisoner to “post” on the internet (by sending letters out and making phone calls for others to record). My guess is they would probably revoke some privileges if they found out about that. Some of what he says might even be considered reactionary (or even terrorist-like). It is certainly political… I’m not sure if that’s allowed).


  42. I’m sorry, I should have mentioned that site is a bit “racy”. I was just surprised to see that Bent went on and on with the bloggers and most of the posts were down right vulgar (not from Bent). He kept throwing back and I’m sure he enoyed it. Hmmmm now I’m wondering if he checked out all the pictures and stuff on the site too??

  43. Dear Anaiah,

    I wrote the comment that you quoted on your little post. It blessed me to know that you are reading my little words.

    I hope that you are investigated for your role in grooming minors to lay naked with your messiah.


  44. How do we know that everything published on the Strong City website under Wayne Bents name is really him now?

  45. All they do is talk about how much love they have for one another but they really are the most hateful group of people.

    Diane, have you ever read some of the things Anaiah posted about encouraging consummation with WB? Some pretty sick stuff, imo, knowing it’s geared toward minors.

  46. Yes I have Stephanie and I think the whole lot of them should be investigated. They should be in prison right along with Bent. I think that would be some type of child abuse or intimidation.

    My daughter is now 25 years old and I can’t begin to tell you what I would do to someone that tried to manipulate her in that way. And I will say that it’s a good thing I don’t live in close proximity to SC because if I were ever to see Wendy Bent on the street I wouldn’t be able to help myself. That woman is disgusting and she really angers me.

    From what we know about these people, that trial could have been so much more. The DA is lucky to have pulled off a guilty verdict.

  47. Hi Diane, I’m curious, what is it about Wendy Bent that bothers you so much that she causes espacial nauseousness, as compared to others of this culture?

  48. Diane, this is not Wendy, but I have known Wendy well in my life. Now I think that it was you who asked at one point, what Wendys mother thought of her? Well Wendys mom is a nearly 80 year old lady who hasn’t seen her in 15 yrs and has only had very sporadic contact, always ending in rejection for not recognizing Waynes spiritual authority and saviorship. Still Wendy is considered a very special gift from God by her mother and father. She has left a big void in a couple of old peoples hearts.
    You know Diane, I am sure that Wendy would want to make things right if she could ever see the hurt and pain that she has participated in as it truly is, but I guess she can’t and she may never be able to. I know her folks would just ask that perhaps you might find mercy and forgiveness in your heart for her.

  49. Regarding Wayne’s recent post,
    Why Am I A Terror?

    Wayne’s recent post begins:

    I have given a good bit of thought to why people fear me.

    This is very interesting and I have been thinking about this for the last couple days myself. I know of no one that fears Wayne Bent. Why would anyone ever fear someone that has such a twisted view of life? This is a man that had it all, a wonderful life, living in a beautiful part of our country, surrounded by a devoted following. But like so many ego driven men, he had to push his strange beliefs just a little too far and break laws that the State of New Mexico just could not look the other way and disregard.

    But fear him? It seems the only people that have ever feared him were his own followers. Listening to some of those young girls and reading what the Witnesses said I could not help but feeling very sorry for all of them, that Michael has caused them to have such a distorted view of our wonderful country and this amazing world. Those poor people seem to be living every day with great fears, and now their leader is gone still trying to inflict his evil projections about society on his people. When was believing in God and Heaven ever meant to be such an ominous thing?

    Wayne, you are now locked up where you seem to belong and I believe those dragons that you keep on trying to slay have thrown away your key for the next ten years and are no longer concerned about your terror. I seriously cannot think of one person in this whole wide world that fears you at all and maybe at some point you may realize this. I doubt it though because it seems that a spirit at some point did take over you, just not the one Wayne want us to believe in.

  50. I think Wayne Bent wants to be feared, he wants to have power and his ego expands even in jail. I am surprised his postings are getting out. Some of the followers have posted comments, and I read that they think people want him dead, that no one will be satisfied “until they have killed his spirit” as well. I think jail can kill a persons spirit pretty effectively, but I doubt that anyone thinks about Wayne as much as they do and it seems they create all of these ideas to further their own agendas. I bet soon they will claim that “the mob” wants them all dead! Yet, they themselves yearn to leave this earth!

    I noticed that there are no more postings about fasting – seems they finally learned to keep their religous fast private.

    A man in my town was recently arrested for groping 2 12 yr olds in a Walmart – he grabbed their bottoms. He was sentenced yesterday to 25 years in prison. It was his first offense.

  51. Search for Truth

    Excellent observations, Observer, I guess that is where you get your name.

    The real problem for Wayne is that wanting the world to fear him does not equate with the world actually fearing him, and that is where his ego comes into play big time.

    It is slowly dying though. Not sure if the faithful can see it but there is very little posting on the Strong city website now. Where is all the support and the believers outside of the Land Homeys?

    They may have to kick in one of those “fasts,” to get the attention back.

    That Walmart incident happened near where I live. 26 year old guy spending 22 some years in jail for groping bottoms and the girls were clothed. Looking at that sentence it would seem Wayne got off easy.

  52. If you are referring to the Brian Terrell case, according to the news stories I have read, he was sentenced to 17 years.

    Here is a link to that story (you have to copy and paste into your browser… live links don’t show here):


    I think his sentence was out of proportion to the crime (the victims were fully clothed and most likely were not psychologically affected). One year probably would have been more suitable. The article said that even, “Lexington County prosecutor Donnie Meyers called it a harsh sentence.” The article went on to say that he will be eligible for parole, but it didn’t say when.

    Maybe this is a trend. Some might argue that sentences like these will serve a notice to sex offenders that they will receive no mercy. But, draconian sentences are simply dangerous to a society. Remember, the story of Jean ValJean in the quasi-historical novel Les Misérables, sentenced to 20 years in prison (served 19) after being convicted of stealing a loaf of bread. We don’t want to return to an era like that. My guess is that this one will be lessened on appeal.

    We are better served for our punishment system to have sentences that provide some prison time (proportionate to the crime), but which allow some degree (and chance) of rehabilitation (not wanting to go back to prison can be a deterrent for many). A “lock ’em all up” mentality to fight crime simply destroys lives which could be turned around, but are ruined with long terms in the prison system. Had he raped a child (or been a multiple offender), I could see a severe incarceration sentence, but his crime simply doesn’t rise to such a level. Neither does Wayne Bent’s sentence (a man who really needs to be humanely receiving treatment in a mental institution).

    — Sam

  53. No, Sam I was referring to the case of Harry Oyarvid, of Escambia County. He faces mandatory 25 years to life in prison on the charge of lewd and lascivious molestation of a child. Florida law also requires Oyarvid to register as a sexual predator.
    I also doubt in jail he will get any mental help to address why he felt the need to fondle children.

  54. That is rather remarkable, Observer. (I just now looked up the one you described). The similarity between the two cases is interesting. Both clothed. The girls in the “Oyarvid case” were a little older (8 and 12), but the offense again was just touching their “bottoms.”

    What is also peculiar (or noteworthy) is that in some other countries (perhaps that guy wasn’t from the US), it is considered “ok” to touch girls on the rear (just one of their various strange cultural customs). In Italy, it goes on non-stop in public places (and it’s quite offensive to visiting American girls). In India it is very popular. It’s called “eve teasing.” In Greece (and perhaps Turkey), it is considered “ok” to lovingly pat a child on the bottom. This practice was formerly a custom here (seemed to disappear in the 60’s and later). Back in the 40’s and earlier, it was considered quite appropriate to affectionately pat and pinch babies and young children on their “tushes.” Once when one of my kids was just a baby, a very elderly woman saw him getting a wet diaper change in some public place. She said, “Oh, let me get a pinch of that cute little bottom.” We finished the diapering and moved away quickly. But, it was an awkward situation… although, I realized that she meant no harm; she wasn’t being “kinky.” That was just something left over from another era.

    A man from Turkey (recently moved to the US) had to answer charges of “fondling” his own two year old daughter at a basketball game (it was put up on Youtube video). He was merely patting her on the hips throughout the game (much like you might pat someone on the back or pinch a baby’s facial cheek… hope they don’t make that illegal). He was not charged, but only after quite a public discussion about the propriety of it (he could be serving 20 years in another state or with other prosecutors).

    Because of such cultural oddities regarding touching of children “on the bottom,” I think the police and the courts need to be sure that they are not being overly zealous in their prosecution. A warning or a suspended sentence might enough to make it known that the rules (and customs) here in the 21st century United States don’t permit any kind of touching of even clothed personal body parts. Public education does go a long way (they had to have to have training seminars to change the office scene regarding inapproprite touching), but regarding touching clothed bottoms… maybe a bit more publicity is needed on that subject.

    — Sam

  55. That should have said… “inappropriate touching.” I forgot to use my google toolbar spellchecker on that one. Embarrassing.

    — Sam

  56. Sam, I’m wondering if these guys might have prior arrests or convictions on their record. Isn’t that taken into consideration when sentencing someone?

  57. This whole subject is interesting in a variety of different ways. I am with Sam on some of these harsh sentences. I see a very unforgiving and punishment driven society.

    Believe it or not, this has gotten so out of control my local Junior High, actually has a police officer on duty with an office in the school and situations that used to be handled by a Guidance Counselor, now sometimes end up before an officer, even reading young kids the age of 12 and 13 their rights. And this is a school in an upper middle class neighborhood.

    So where we are going in our society with punishment and blame? I believe this is very scary and totally out of control. We might be headed for Les Misérables and the Media seems to be in favor of this approach to be sure.

    I guess this is why I have been more of an advocate to a reasonable approach to pretrial publicity, a just and legally correct trial, fairness in sentencing and the rights for an appeal. From beginning to end every case has to be handled appropriately and legally, because there is just such a penchant for justice to be getting out of control.

    As for the case against Brian Terrell, the article says this:

    Terrell’s family and pregnant wife also were in the courtroom Thursday. They tell the judge last summer’s incidents were out of character for Terrell. They pointed out he had never done anything like it before.

    But of course if we are to believe the good Dr. Seigel, there are no first times! So who knows? But 17 years seems incredibly severe and this man would appear to be needing some psychological counseling not to be locked up for the best years of his life. I cannot imagine this affected these girls in a long lasting manner.

    So, “locking people up,” and basically throwing away the key for many years and not working on fairness and rehabilitation just seems so wrong. I would not be surprised if this case gets corrected upon appeal. And who knows maybe Wayne’s will too.

  58. Thinking about the way my last post ended, I may have given the wrong impression. I only believe Wayne’s case should be appealed if there is a viable reason. Under the law it seems he was in fact guilty. If there were errors in his trial, then those should be given their due consideration. That is all I meant, just to be clear.

  59. I can see your view point Sam and I my thoughts on it all are somewhere in the middle with these long sentences for what some may view as a moderate offense. I guess I wonder if these harsh sentences are in place to set the tone of what one should expect if a person should touch a child not known to them or actually intend to molest a child.
    I do agree that we could use our prison systems more positively and create a way to really reform people and treat mental illness. However, I personally feel people that are attracted to children are deviants, and I don’t know how one begins to address that issue or correct it.
    Have you ever known anyone that was abused? I am sure some of you have. I have known way too many people that had experiences of sexual abuse as children. I cannot judge the impact of the abuse on their lives, but I know that there is one. I am sure those children had to go to the Police station and give statements & in some what their life was disrupted. I don’t think anyone can judge what kind of impact any abuse has on a person.
    The stats for the trade on child pornography on the net is a testament to the situation that is very real threat to children. I believe in a high moral duty to protect children and hold adults accountable for their behavior with children.
    What really struck me as strange in regards to Wayne Bent is that he said he knew it would bring trouble, and wrote about it and numerous followers wrote about it (and encouraged it). He was sleeping with most all of the women on the land – I felt it was very obvious he was grooming L.S. In order for her to have a spiritual healing experience she had to be naked – in his bed.

  60. Pedophilia is a sickness that can only be treated if the patient admits he has a problem and will accept help. Is it even cureable?(I dont know). Jessica Lunsford’s killer, John Couey, had several previous convictions. In 1978 he recieved 10 years in prison(was out by 1980) for puting his hand over a girl’s mouth and kissing her during a robbery. In 1991 he exposed himself to a liitle girl and got 5 years( out again in 2 years).
    As a young teenager, I had my youth pastor try to molest me. I went straight to the pastor’s office and told him, and they quietly let the youth pastor go. It affected me my whole life(still does). By the way, I couldnt tell anyone else, including my parents about it, until after I was married. I felt an incredible amount of shame and confusion. I always wondered “why me?”
    We need to be tough on guilty people.

  61. @Jan
    “But 17 years seems incredibly severe and this man would appear to be needing some psychological counseling not to be locked up for the best years of his life. I cannot imagine this affected these girls in a long lasting manner.”

    I wanted to comment on this part of your post. I was molested at the age of 12. For me, it did affect me in the long term. I developed panic disorder after the molestation. I went on to have relationship issues, and mistrust in men. I was afraid of dating. Afraid of men. My first marriage was to an abusive man. All of this even though I went through counseling in my teens. My parents were happy and are still very close. I had good role models for marriage.

    This is probably why I feel badly for the victims. I know that it doesn’t go away. When you are molested at a young age, in your formitive years, it takes a sacred piece of you away. You feel as if you are ruined. It’s not easy to get past feeling like you are no good when this happens to you. You feel marked.

    And I will agree that perps are not getting the real help they need. They need intense rehab, but they also need to be locked up. I would say that a year is not long enough. It’s not long enough to change a behavioral/psychological problem.

    At the same time, I would also say that 10 + years is too long. The system is treating a mental illness with basic prison time. I don’t think they have the resources to treat them all properly.

    And then there is the issue with the perp admitting he has a problem to begin with.

  62. How would a country run by Islamic extremist handle sex crimes? Are we really draconian compared to that?

  63. This issue with Bent is, did he know what he was doing, did he know when he was crawling into bed with a naked teenager, and if he knew what he was doing was wrong and that he shouldn’t have been doing it. He could have any psychological/psychiatric problem in the world, he is still responsible for what he did under the law. He knew full well what he was doing was wrong and he even said that himself.

  64. Wayne’s writings:

    I would be held as a criminal for doing what these young ladies asked me to do because God had put it on them to ask for it. I had never asked anyone in the land to have these kind of relations with me. I never told anyone that they ought. I never even considered it myself. When it was brought to me I was shocked within myself, for I saw a portent coming which would change everything in the land.

    This is just one of many quotes and writings of Wayne’s that to me would say he knew it was at the very least problematic! But he tries to make it seem as though it was his big sacrifice to go ahead and do what God asked of him.

    So, if that is true, why then is he complaining and stating that the Court and the State treated him unfairly by his trial and sentence? It would seem that was all part of the religious process he believed would happen.

  65. I like how Bent says that “God put it on them to ask for it”. I believe it was he and even Esther alluded to this in the NG program, Bent posted on their website about being naked with God. He was the one that planted the seed.

  66. The power of suggestion gets exponentially stronger when you think the suggestions are coming from your “savior”.

  67. I found this post on Prudence blog:

    Looks like everybody’s trying to steal Wayne’s fire: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/ind…ew& pageId=91097
    Tom | 03.08.09 – 8:56 pm | #


  68. It’s been a little while since Wayne has posted anything else. I wonder if the prison put a stop to that. Also, Esther and Jeff seem to be kind of quiet also. I hope that the spell is starting to fade.

  69. The God that I worship created the world, and he didnt need Wayne to diddle anyone to do it. My God gave me peace, again, without the need for Wayne to diddle anyone. I’m so glad that my salvation isnt tied to Waynes sex drive!

  70. Could you imagine, if what Bent did was legal because of religious reasons, how many dudes would say they are “Messiah”!! “Where can I sign up”?!

  71. I bet Esther is too afraid to share much more with the public eye now. I believe she is still having those phone check ins and the ones from the deputy.

    The latest installment from Anaiah and WB are creepy. What do these people do all freaking day long? Lay on their beds and wait for something to happen?

    It might do some of them some good to not be so lazy and find a job. Getting out to the real world might be a healthier alternative than sitting around with baited breath waiting for commands from WB.

  72. Hi to everyone,
    Having come to this story rather late, I am perplexed by a couple of things. Were there 2 groups of the “Seven”. Like maybe a group of older “7’s” and then later a group of j”ail-bait 7’s”? Is this Hanifa woman one of the 7? Also with regard to Esther and to Danielle…did they “consummate” or was there just the threat of that happening. I know about the “lie naked before God business”, but was unsure if it ever went further (I hope not!!). Thanks to anyone who can tell me what I have missed. I feel sorry for the younger ones who grew up this way and don’t know anything different.
    Thank you,

  73. Search for Truth

    Welcome Annaliese Seems no one can come late to this story as it goes on forever. As far as I can tell there was only just the 7 virgins not 2 groups of the 7. And Esther & Danielle were two of those that consummated with Michael.

    One of the best ways that might help you understand the use of the virgins is the video that Strong City produced and had on line for a time. I believe it might be somewhere here in the threads that Mark has. It is called Experiencing the Finished Work by Strong City. If it is not on Beyond 90 Seconds it should still be at the Strong city mirror site. I will try to post the link here,

    http: //strongcity2.info/videos.html

    be prepared though that video can give one the chills.

  74. Hi Analiese,

    Yes, there were 2 groups of 7. Right after Jody and Debbie became the 2 witnesses, a group of 7 women were chosen to be the 7 messengers. That group consisted mostly of older women and there were people outside of our community that made remarks to us such as, “Oh, are you seven going to sleep with Wayne next!” Interesting though, nothing ever happened with that group of 7, at least nothing sexual.

    Then came the “lying naked 7” that were all young and virgins.
    But even that last 7 seven changed. Because 2 were minors, Wayne dropped them out of the public picture and replaced them with the original 2 witnesses, Jody and Debbie. Then it changed again by Wayne dropping out 2 more and replacing them with Wendy and Beth. In the end though, he married them all (sex included) which involved Esther and Danielle.

    Anyway, hope that helps! It may just get more confusing though!

  75. Search for Truth


    Thanks for answering Analies’s question about 2 groups of 7 virgins. Although I have to admit I am more confused than ever!

  76. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for answering my questions, and I did watch the video on the mirror site. The video was rather enlightening. I notice that towards the beginning of the video, Wayne talks about there needing to be an “intimate and sexual” relationship with him (Jesus in the being of Wayne) in order to be saved. I wonder where that puts the men and boys in the group? Also, most strikingly to me, where does that put the women who are not as attractive as the seven. It seems that if this were truly of God, Wayne would be an “equal opportunity consummator”. He only appears to make the “sacrifice” of the consummations with those that don’t look like mud fences. The woman called Hanifa (is she the mother of Esther?) she never made the grade…why not? There are also other women who are seen in pictures and in videos who are a bit “homely”. Why is it that Wayne never hears the call to be intimate with them? This proves to me that Wayne’s intentions are more fleshly than spiritual. I am not sure if he has truly deluded himself or if he is a charlatan, but either way, it is best that he can’t go back there. People in the world are also sleazy, but the difference to me is that he holds a power over them by virtue of their belief that he is the only one who can lead them to salvation. This is an abuse of power not different than a teacher with a student, a doctor who decides to get a little too friendly with a patient or a priest or minister with a member of his flock.

  77. PS: If you aren’t a very good-looking man, but have a healthy libido, it appears that becoming “Jesus” can make you popular with the chicks. If adults choose to live this way, great, but when you start grooming underage girls to do some sort of “spiritual horizontal mambo”, be prepared the spend a little time in jail!!

  78. I have just published on my personal blog a post entitled, “Free Wayne Bent!” Those who have followed my postings here know that, while I have endeavored to see that the facts of this case (and true circumstances of his misdeeds, which I found to be disgusting and repugnant) were made public, I consistently maintained and advocated prior to the trial, during the trial and prior to sentencing that Bent should not have to serve time, but that he should be subjected to merely house arrest (of course, with conditions not to have contact with minors) Please read what I have to say now about the unjustness of his sentence and my feelings about how this represents a dangerous trend in our society. Click the link on my name (to the right) to go directly to my blog.

    Free Wayne Bent!

    — Sam

  79. While I agree that WB’s sentence is too harsh, I also do not think he should be freed to serve time at home. He should at the least spend the rest of this year incarcerated, undergo psychiatric evaluations, treatment, and psychotherapy. He should be released and ordered five years probation, where he must continue treatment and evaluations through the court.

    Minors should not be allowed near him. Which means, no minors can remain in SC ie: Willow.

    He is mentally ill and needs help.

    I also feel that the women, Hanifa, Anaiah, Wendy Bent, etc need to undergo investigation and submit to psychiatric evaluations and be court ordered to treatment. They are in part, responsible for the grooming process so that these young minors would give themselves over to WB.

  80. Ron, I’m in total disbelief! I just don’t understand why you think he should not be held accountable for his actions under the law? He is a sexual deviate and he is right where he belongs. He abused his position as a leader of the church, he knew before he laid down with the girls that it was wrong and he did it anyways! He needs help and he isn’t going to get that under house arrest and he doesn’t need a mental institution either, he’s not crazy. Maybe he is a sociopath?

  81. Diane, I assumed you meant Sam and not Ron (since he hasn’t posted anything recently in this thread).

    You should go read my posting on my blog, Diane. Click the link on my name — over to the right with the picture of a hand. I go into considerable detail there about how (and describe the various ways) he should certainly be held accountable under the law. Yes, he did wrong, but a first time offender convicted of incidental (not for sexual gratification)touching a 16 year old on the breast should not get ten years (which is the kind of sentence men get who have had actual sexual intercourse with children repeatedly over many years).

    Read what I wrote. I said he should be punished… and I explained actions which would certainly be a protracted punishment, but without incarceration. The isolated nature of his residence lends itself quite well to restrictions regarding limitation of any future contact with minors. I believe that had this been a case involving an average citizen, first time offender (with no controversial religion in the picture), under the same infraction circumstances, the sentence would have probably six months to a year, perhaps even with a probated sentence. I am an advocate of equitable sentencing practices.

    — Sam

  82. Search for Truth

    I cam here to let erveryone know about the new message from Wayne on Strong City, “The Myth Exposed.” You all might want to check that out.

    As for what Sam has said quite honestly I’m not sure what to think about all that.

  83. Hi Sam,
    I looked at your blog. I guess my perspective is a bit different because I think he was grooming the young ones by insinuating (in his prolific writings) what they would eventually call the voice of “Father” speaking to them. Of course he groomed the older ones also, but they are adults and can do what they wish. I also take issue with what he did with the young ones who were of age (Danielle and Esther),because since they grew up in this environment, they do not know anything else and therefore could not make an informed choice.

    Lastly, since he has said repeatedly that “Father” told him that this was going to happen, I shouldn’t think he would want to thwart the will of God and be “let loose”, as this is after all his cross to bear.

  84. I agree with you Annaliese. Considering that I was there and watched him turn down sleeping with one particular woman over and over, only for him to turn around and all of a sudden see a need to sleep with the 7 young ones. He said he was only doing “what they asked of him”. So much BS! He didn’t do what Callie asked of him. She wanted him to sleep with her too. But I’ve said this so many times, that is why I quit posting.

    I just want to say something to Sam concerning Wayne’s incarceration. I was surprised that such a long sentence was given to him also until I started considering the things Wayne taught us over a span of 20 years. He taught us that we were the creators of our life and things came to us through cause and effect – our faith and beliefs became visible in our life. Does that make sense to you? It was also taught to us that though a cause may come to us and not look “just” we could always know that the God of heaven metes out his judgements and sees things that “men” cannot see and his judgements are always just. Those are just a few things that come to my mind.

    Knowing the history of the church, I also know that Wayne and his doctrines have been the source of disruption for many families and marriages, not just the most recent divorces. Yes, he did cross some boundaries that he shouldn’t have crossed with the young girls, and that landed him in jail. Now this is just my observation, but if there is truly a God in heaven, then He certainly gave Wayne the fruit of his own beliefs as well as cause and effect. Wayne is guilty of separating husbands and wives and in effect has been separated from his own wives. Do I think he should be able to live peacefully on his land, cuddled up with all his wives, nice and cozy under house arrest? No, I don’t. The beauty of it is that God didn’t think so either. If the Lorites could get real honest about it, using their own belief system, they would have to admit that as true.

    So, I’ll probably go back to being quiet again. I need to do my school work. Have a good evening everyone. 😉

  85. Hi Julie –

    Well, I didn’t say there wasn’t justifiable “karma” at work for Wayne Bent. And yes, I think that bible verse which reads, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for what­ever a man sows, this he will also reap.” is right on.

    And if that’s what God has ordained… then efforts to lessen his sentence will be in vain. But, I really like to be objective. I am concerned with incarcerated people in several situations. I fight for everyone to get sentences which are equitable, in relation to what are routinely and recently imposed for similar crime convictions. So, my campaign is unrelated to whatever “karmic destiny” Wayne has generated for himself. I’m sure he deserves a lot of punishment… as I probably do for the all crap I have pulled throughout my life and the hearts I may have messed with (which I now regret… but, maybe all that might make for some good song lyrics). But, you see, I am not addressing what he deserves for his life experiences, but merely acting in relation to the situation concerning the results of this particular court case. It’s all just part of my consistent stand on fairness in sentencing practices.

    I’d do the same thing for you.

    — Sam

  86. I have decided to stop worrying about Wayne and his fate. Yes, I believe he got what he deserves, but others believe he has been treated too harshly. He has distroyed lives, but most of victims have been willing. I hope that I can make more positive use out of my time and I will let God deal with Wayne. He is not my saviour, and I hope that people will come to their senses and just let him fade away. I believe there are far better people out their who can our help and prayers.

  87. Ron and Sam, I apologize for constantly getting your names confused. Early onset Alzheimer’s??

    My husband was the victim of sexual abuse from his maternal uncle and as soon as I can muster the strength, I will write and share with you. It is and painful and so ugly.

    Sam – I wonder how you would feel if god forbid, something like this happened to a member of your family.
    I did ready your blog and while everyone has the right to their own opinion, I totally disagree. I see that SC posted your message on their site, they will embrace you now.

    I read Wayne’s latest rant last night and it sickens me. He blatantly lies about what he did and now his excuse is “I prayed wrong”.

  88. At the moment Sam may, “be on their hearts,” but I doubt that will last very long. For one thing if they truly have read the total body of Sam’s writings on his blog he has always been quite honest and critical in his thoughts on Wayne/Michael’s actions. How can we forget he also wrote, Catching a Glimpse of Hind Parts and People of the Lie? He just happens to also believe in fair sentencing and the rights of an appeal. So momentarily I guess they might over look everything else and embrace this one point. Usually they seem to be an “all or nothing,” type of group, so this appears to be a bit of a deviation for them.

    And it is too bad he “prayed wrong,” one would think by now he would get the praying down right!

  89. Just read Michael English’s book, and it is a great read. He is one of the most gifted singers I have ever heard, and his story is an example of how God can watch us make mistakes and fall over and over, and without fail, help us back up again. That’s the God I know!

  90. We can all step back and try to look at this from different perspectives, at any time we choose. We can imagine what is was like for every person on the land. They opened up to us. They choose the words to share with everyone what they were doing. They were “out” about it all. So we all looked and read and found our own conclusions. But my conclusions could be wrong, and Wayne could really be the Messiah. I am not perfect and I am not all knowing.

    If a person standing next to me said they saw God right there before them and I didn’t see God, how could I dispute their perception? I imagine it was not a good time to be calling yourself the Messiah when Jesus did it, yet I believe.

    Wayne may be minutely offensive in regard to his image in the media, but their story has left an impression on me. What I find so sad is that Wayne hurts none of us by NOT being the Messiah, he really hurts those that hold him so dear and believe in him. He has not changed since being put in jail, he is still as connected with his followers, and he is still speaking out and sharing all of it with us. He speaks of this as his sacrifice.

    I really appreciate your thoughts Julie. And Sam I read your blog and would like to see reform to mandatory sentencing.

    I think it will be a long road and many more telephone sermons before Wayne gets out.
    I can’t help to think that we all really aren’t that different and I can reserve the need to have any judgement, as a jury has done that and the process is long over.

  91. Hi Julie,
    I find it so interesting that you once lived at Strong City and I wonder what gave you the strength to break free. I also find it interesting that you noted that those whom Wayne consummated with were all attractive. If you don’t mind, I have 2 more questions I would like to ask:
    1. Do you truly think Wayne believes he is the Messiah or do you think that he likes the attention and power that it garners?
    2. Since he has “consummated” with all those women, I find it interesting that there were no pregnancies…why is that? To me I would think any form of birth control would be perceived as thwarting God’s will.
    Thank you Julie!

  92. I really have no idea if he really believes his own story or not. It’s a question that I have wondered myself.

    There haven’t been any pregnancies because Wayne was fixed a long time ago

    The reason I finally cut my tie with the church came with the “consummation” of the virgins. After saying “no more consummations” and avoiding anything sexual with any of the older women (of which I considered a sign that it was just a “parable”)….. but then watching him go after the younger ones….well, that was enough to push me over the edge. The nice little image of Wayne evaporated for me right then even though he still has his little story for those who want to listen. I don’t buy it.

  93. Currently there are several other people who claim to be Jesus returned. Rev. Moon(remember the Moonies?),José Luis De Jesus Miranda,Vissarion, Adi Da(well, he just died) and many others. Wayne is a bush league messiah compared to those guys. Before you follow Wayne, at least check out the other contestants!

  94. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for your answers. I am glad you were able to see the light and leave. I hope your life is great now, but I am sure you feel as though you left your family behind. Wayne has been “fixed” huh, I wonder how that jives with doing to will of God? Sinless perfection would seem to indicate that this would be a bad move. I often wonder about Danielle and Esther, as they are so young and have apparently grown up with this way of life. I know that Esther’s mother is there, but is any of Danielle’s family there? Why was Hanifa not one of the 7? She seems to be pretty outspoken and I would have thought she would have “felt the tug” of the consummations.

  95. Annaliese – have you seen her picture?? Yikes!!
    The women there obviously don’t take a few extra minutes for themselves. Wendy Bent is much younger than me yet I look much younger than her. It’s amazing how much of a difference a nice haircut and some highlights make.

    Danielle and Esther are young and beautiful but that will change quickly for them if they keep fasting for long periods of time and starving their bodies of healthy food and vitamins.

  96. Actually, Hanifa was one of the first older set of 7. She has always been outspoken and very involved in church activities.

    Danielle’s family is still in the church too – her mother and and younger brother and sister. They don’t live on the ranch property as far as I know.

    Life is going really good Annaliese. It was tough for a while just because like you said, I left my family behind, but things get more behind all the time.

    Diane, makeup and dying your hair is not part of the equation at Strong city.

  97. Hi Julie,
    Glad to hear your life is well…is it hard to assimilate yourself back into society after having been so separated from it for a period of years? The world can seem an ugly place…no matter where you are. I am curious how old you are and whether or not you have children? Did you question your faith? This story is fascinating to me. These women all seem so very strong, intelligent, articulate and yet they believe Wayne is the Messiah. It is hard to figure out how this happens. Save for the younger ones who grew up that way, I don’t really understand it.

  98. Search for Truth

    It seems like we are hearing from Michael just as much now as we were before he was locked up.

    This one is entitled Why So Long? Be sure and check out the picture they have showing for him, He looks to be about in his 40’s in that shot.

    But never fear his words are the same,we are all wrong on the outside and he and his little group are the only ones who understands what is really going on.

  99. Yes, it sounds like his surroundings are starting to get to him. I wonder what his followers think about this……

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