VIDEO: Mukilteo moments…

Beach moments in Mukilteo, Washington

(Mukilteo, WA) No golden light. No ethereal mist. No blue skies, to be sure. Just a very average winter afternoon spent along the beach in Mukilteo, Washington on Sunday, January 25, 2009.

When I was a kid, my brothers and I would go down to the pier at this location and fish for perch and flounder.  We called this place”Taylor’s Landing” (also once the name of a restaurant on the water’s edge that’s since been replaced by an Ivar’s).

So, last night I thought I’d create a bed of music in GarageBand and string some of these ordinary scenes together in a video.

This chilly day was accented by a light wind.  I overheard a few people here-and-there comment about their cold hands.

Somehow, it looks a bit warmer now while stirred with memories from years gone by.

1 thought on “VIDEO: Mukilteo moments…”

  1. Mark, that was awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone!
    There is NO PLACE like the Pudget Sound, Ferry rides, cool salty air and its distinct smell, seagulls snatching fries from your fingers as the ferry sails smoothly along…the long toot of the horn, the engines reverse as the ferry slows down.
    Can see the water churning…car engines starting up, the slight gentle bump at the dock…the clunk clunk as your car drives onto solid ground.
    This is something you will never forget!

    When we lived in San Diego, Seattle and Hood Canal were always our summer vacation destinations.
    Was a life long dream for my husband to return to his Pac NW roots. Our kids were always thrilled when we rode across the Bremerton Ferry after a few hours spent along the pier, Fish and Chips @ famous Ivars, the fish tossing at Farmers Market and a few hours gawking inside Ye Old Curiosity shop for look at Sylvester the mummy!
    We then headed to Hood Canal where we’d stay at our families summer cabin… Grandparents purchased 20 acres water front on East side Hood Canal where we look directly across Hoodsport and the Olympic Mt range.
    We finally realized our dream of moving here in 1984. Everyone warned we’d regret and would soon return back to the endless days of sunshine and warm weather.
    Its now been 23 years and whenever we visit down south, we just can’t wait to get back home to the Pac NW again!
    Yes, its cold and raining most ALL the time and winter hours of darkness is often depressing… Even green moss grows along the cracks in our cars!
    But there’s nothing like the Pudget Sound, endless forest of pine trees, hills, volcanic mountains and every river and stream filled with salmon!
    And when its warm and sunny and the sun seems to never set on our long summer days and hours of twilight, we have no doubts we love it here!
    Sure this winters been the coldest by far.
    But I wouldn’t move back for anything.
    I’m dyed in my Pendleton Wool sweaters and in Heaven!

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