VIDEO: Jeremy Jojola on Wayne Bent’s decision to end fast

As reported on this blog Thursday evening, recently convicted sex offender Wayne Bent is expected to end his fast in prison today.  KOB-TV’s investigative reporter Jeremy Jojola reported this story on his station’s 10pm newscast Thursday.

Minutes after his report aired, Jojola spoke with in a video interview recorded via Skype.    This interview about the embattled leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church runs 12-minutes and 32-seconds and appears below.

[wpvideo 6NAXmxLy w=420]

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Jeremy Jojola on Wayne Bent’s decision to end fast”

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    Johnny D. Miller

    Well on the surface this would appear to be good news, yet I have this feeling that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg here. Wayne has had 2 weeks alone with his followers to reason together with them some way to perhaps orgistrate some “spiritual” fulfillment of some far-feched prophecy he has made up to make him appear once again Christ-like. Wayne is into “Spiritual” numbers and uses the numbers 3, 7, 10, 12, 24, 1260, 1335 to give his words and actions some spiritual significance to carry on his delusions and keep his following intact. This current decision to end this fast at noon Friday is 3 days since he has been in the tomb, (Prison, a place of death and darkness), and he is now reappearing as a new being full of life once again, willing to eat, drink and do those things which living, or resurrected people do. I realize that I am stretching this quite a bit, but I believe this is how his mind works, and very well could be what he is trying to present to everybody here. The only sad thing for him is that he has no access to a computer to post anything for the world to read. But don’t be surprised if Jeff, or anyone back at Strong City doesn’t post something to back up what I am suggesting here. Is this the first “Special” resurection of now many future resurrections yet to come. Gosh, I hope that I am wrong and he is really starting to reason like a normal person, afterall. It would be a step in the right direction.

  3. Johnny, I also hope that he is starting to reason like a normal person but it’s hard not to be cynical and wonder if there is an ulterior motive.

    I guess we can only hope and pray that this is a sincere change of heart.

  4. I’m wondering if he’s really fearing death because he knows full well he has been very wrong in all he’s done. He takes himself to the edge but turns back.
    I would be terrified of death as well, if I knew I was going to Hell because of sins I’d not confessed and asked forgiveness.
    He will have to admit to God AND the world of this as he’s offended the world…His own words!
    I was hoping what I wrote earlier would appeal to his emotions…when I stated God would have to wipe his mothers tears off her face when she learns her own flesh and blood chose Hell instead of eternal life.
    Thats pretty “heavy” for anyone to ponder over.
    But perhaps he’s heartless, has no emotions other than his his own self servings.

    I too, worry what took place those days he was back on the land. Was he there conjuring up a “Whopper”!
    I think was huge mistake allowing him go back to await sentencing.

    What are his people going to do years from now, knowing they hadn’t been successful in forcing Gods hand into one single request??!?!
    Kinda like the night they were out blowing the horn, yelling “Liberty, Freedom” till their voices went hoarse and the sun rose…still there, same old diseased bodies same old ugly desolate land, same old travel trailer to live in!
    What else do they want/need? God is NOT answering them in way THEY demand! Perhaps they have it all wrong!
    Cout it be because WayBent is WRONG?!?!

    Not one single prediction, set dates or numerous prophecies of WB’s has come to pass.
    The fruits of his spirit have been nothing but bitter disappointment, destroyed lives, broken marriages, girls no longer virgins and some of those he claimed as healed simply died in their unhealed bodies.
    THAT is NOT what God meant for His people in the later days or end times!
    He wants people who mirror His own character!
    That does NOT include sex, isolating self out in the desert and living off others social security checks!
    Just look at what Jesus own ministry was all about.
    It was about teaching them about Salvation.
    He also spent time helping the poor, feeding the hungry and healing the sick.
    He loved children, but NEVER took them into a room to get naked, let alone have sex!
    And the the women who came to Him for healing…
    He didn’t tell them to consummate with HIM!…
    He told them to go their way, and NOT do it any more!
    Opposite what mr Bent did. Think about it people.
    Go back to the beginning, start all over again, and you may find where you all went off the path and have found yourself lost, alone out in the desert where the voice of God can no longer be heard!

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