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“Jamiel’s Law” petition falls short of making LA’s May ballot

It’s a murder case that broke many hearts, strained race relations and fueled intense debate over illegal immigration.  Some had hoped that “something good” could emerge from the March 2, 2008 shooting death of a 17-year-old boy named Jamiel Shaw II. Shaw (archives) was a high school football star (Rise Magazine named Shaw’s murder one […]

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Jamiel Shaw II’s parents speak-out in new documentary

The Los Angeles murder story that continues to fuel heated political debate concerning illegal immigration is now the focus of a new documentary produced by the alternative news source Full Disclosure Network. The documentary provides an in-depth interview with the parents of the late Jamiel Shaw II. Police say Jamiel Shaw II, 17, was walking […]

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Shaw’s father to those alleging gang ties: “Shut the hell up!”

It’s an extremely sensitive claim not addressed–to my knowledge–in the mainstream media. But it’s been rumbling on the Web for more than two months now. Some suspect it’s politically motivated and aimed at protecting illegal immigrants by diffusing support for a proposed amendment to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Special Order 40. The allegation is […]

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