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BREAKING NEWS: Report states Kelly Soo Park beat, killed Juliana Redding

-post updated at 6:04pm PST ANALYSIS So today…we learned that 44-year-old Kelly Soo Park *is* charged in the death of Juliana Redding.  And that Ronnie Wayne Case, 34, is *not* charged.  If you’ve been following the case here in recent days, you’ll recall that the news release issued by the Santa Monica Police Department (dated […]

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AG asks NM Supreme Court to deny Bent’s petition

Update: High court rejects sect leader’s bond petition, (KOB-TV/AP, 10/27/09) Update: Attorney John McCall Responds to the AG (strongcity.info, 10/19/09) (Note from Mark: This development in the Wayne Bent case was addressed with an “update” link in a previous post, A message from Jeff Bent.  However, I thought it would be best to provide this […]

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A message from Jeff Bent

Update: AG asks state Supreme Court to deny Bent appeal (kob.com, 10/16) Advisory: Comments in this thread have been re-opened Update: “Imprisoned For Sabbath Keeping” (strongcity.info, 10/7) *NEW*: VIDEO, “Wayne Bent defends his hunger strike” (krqe.com, 9/24) Update: “Judge rules in favor of force feeding imprisoned cult leader”  (koat.com, 9/23) Update: “Judge puts fasting cult leader […]

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Wayne Bent fasting in prison again

New: A message from Jeff Bent (Beyond90Seconds.com, September 17, 2009) Update: Bent may be forced to eat (Albuquerque Journal North, September 7, 2009). “At the very least, the warden told him if this religious fast progresses into the extent of a hunger strike, force-feeding could be on the table,” Bland said. (Albuquerque Journal North) (September […]

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Wayne Bent speaks from prison

https://www.https://https://www.beyond90seconds.com/wp-content/uploads/audio/turning_point.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadLISTEN: “Turning Point” (Wayne Bent speaks from prison) The imprisoned leader of the Lord Our Righteousness Church isn’t letting incarceration keep him from espousing his foreboding pronouncements from his familiar post in cyberspace.  A new audio recording featuring the voice of Wayne Bent appeared on the LOR’s Web site […]

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