Oh, Silvana! Where Bald Eagles delight

(Silvana, WA) Passing through the Silvana area on a rain-soaked day in late February may not sound exciting; but even a wet, winter day gets my adrenaline going in Silvana.

A Bald Eagle in the rain on Sunday, February 23, 2014. Photo taken in Silvana, WA.

That’s because the Bald Eagles always seem to be perched in trees along the Stillaguamish River.

Lots of Eagles.

I often simply open my sunroof (yes, even letting the drizzle in) and simply point my camera straight up to photograph an eagle perched on a limb directly over the road.

Yes, I’ve made trips to the more distant Rockport to scratch my Bald Eagle itch.

But the Silvana area’s relative closeness coupled with its abundance of nearby eagles can be just as thrilling as the more talked about mountain destination.

My trip through the Silvana area’s eagle country today was brief, lasting only about 30-minutes.

And while I didn’t do a precise count, I estimate that I saw more than 20 Bald Eagles as I drove along about a 3-mile stretch of rural road near the “Stilly.”

The photo above featuring an eagle flying in the rain is probably my favorite from today’s shoot.

Meantime, viewing the eagles  brought back memories of a wonderful video I had the pleasure of producing with Christian Sasse last year.

Sasse has an extraordinary talent for photographing Bald Eagles.

Below, you can watch the video we produced featuring his fantastic images taken in Port Hardy, British Columbia.

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