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In today’s audio interview, freelance journalist Alex Hannaford speaks about the controversial Wayne Bent case. It’s a case that has been covered extensively by  It’s also been featured on numerous television programs, including Larry King Live (transcript) and Dr. Phil.

In the 2008 National Geographic documentary, “Inside a Cult,” Bent stated, “I am the embodiment of God. I am divinity and humanity combined.”

But 2008 concluded with a Taos, New Mexico jury finding Bent guilty of crimes against children.  He is presently serving prison time for one count of second-degree criminal sexual contact of a child and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Hannaford visited Bent in prison earlier this year.  He’s also interviewed the parents of Bent’s victims. And he’s spoken with several other key people in the Bent case.  All of that work culminated in Hannaford’s June 14 article for The Sunday Times (UK), “Wayne Bent: The cult of the man they call messiah.”

The Sunday Times piece is not Hannaford’s first telling of Bent’s story.  In 2004, he wrote about Bent for Bizzare magazine (UK).

Today’s audio interview runs 44:14.  The discussion includes insights concerning Hannaford’s interviews with cult expert Rick Ross and followers of the late David Koresh.

Hannaford has written for major publications in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. He’s tackled topics ranging from the death penalty in America to politics in Nigeria.

His books include a biography about rock star Pete Doherty.  He also served as ghost-writer for Pete Doherty: My Prodigal Son.

Hannaford has lived in Austin, Texas since 2003.

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