Tina Davila murder suspect arrested

Update, August 12, 8:05pm PST: Man accused in woman’s death arrested in Mexico (39online.com)

Photo of Tina Davila smiling.

“I knew this day would come, I just didn’t know when,” said Eric Matt, as he spoke of the arrest of Timoteo Rios, the man accused of killing his ex-wife. (39online.com)

Update, August 12, 4:53 PST: Two suspected killers from Houston caught hiding in Mexico / Nephew, uncle arrested for separate murder cases (KHOU-TV)

There’s a bizarre twist in the case of a mother who was murdered during a carjacking while trying to protect her infant. Authorities arrested the suspect in that killing in Mexico Tuesday and picked up another man for an unrelated murder — also in Harris County. -KHOU-TV

Update, 9:38 PST: Suspect in slaying of woman near phone store arrested (Houston Chronicle)

Photo of Timoteo Rios.

Update, 8:54pm PST: Video of last year’s Today Show interview with Davila’s family now appears on this post.


It’s a murder that much of America witnessed on surveillance video featured on national television more than a year ago. Now, KHOU-TV reports that a suspect in the Tina Davila murder investigation is finally in custody:

The FBI and the Harris County Sherrif’s office have arrested a carjacker who stabbed and killed a mother outside a Houston Cricket phone store.  Investigators say the victim was killed while trying to protect her 4-month-old baby girl who was in the car. -KHOU TV

Also according to this evening’s breaking news story from KHOU-TV:

(24-year-old Timoteo) Rios was finally found and taken into custody in Mexico late Tuesday. Police say he is accused of killing Tina Davila during the April 2008 carjacking.

For more on this case, please see this Beyond90Seconds’ archived story: Family of mother murdered during carjacking speaks-out.


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