Day 6: Reporter’s updates from Wayne Bent trial


KOB-TV Investigative Reporter Jeremy Jojola is in Taos, New Mexico covering the Wayne Bent trial.  Jojola continues to make contributions here as a special correspondent to His e-mails, text, pics and even some of his Twitter updates will appear below.  I’ll also include the time (MST) the information was sent to this blog.

9:18am (MST)
(Picture from inside of courtroom sent w/this update will appear here shortly.)

Taken@ 9:14…. Waiting for jury….

9:32am (MST)
(From Jeremy Jojola’s Twitter page.)

Waiting in courtroom for Judge/Jury for Bent trial to resume….snowing in Taos, about one to two inches on ground. Bent followers wait too / 12 minutes ago

Brief session in court this morning for Bent trial. Jury resumes deliberations. / 4 minutes ago


9:47am (MST)
(Jeremy Jojola just phoned-in with a brief update.  Will post it here shortly.)

10:12am (MST)
(AUDIO:  Phone update from Jeremy Jojola filed at 9:39am MST today.)

Jeremy Jojola interview (13)


10:38am MST
(From Jeremy Jojola’s Twitter page.)

Court to be called back into session. Word that there is a verdict…..update to come. / less than 10 seconds ago

10:44am (MST)

Stand by for verdict.. / half a minute ago

10:52am (MST)
(From Jeremy Jojola’s Twitter page.)

guilty on one count criminal sexual contact, guilty on two counts contrib. to del. of minor, not guilty on one count of sex contact

11:00am (MST)
(From Jeremy Jojola’s Twitter page.)

3/4 counts guilty, not guilty on first count of csc of minor / 7 minutes ago

Bent will remain on house arrest / 6 minutes ago

12:56pm (MST)
(I’ve just finished a phone interview with Jeremy Jojola.  He reports that sentencing is scheduled for December 29th.  Audio of the phone interview will be posted shortly.)

1:07pm (MST)
(Jeremy’s e-mail response to my question, “Will Bent remain under house arrest until sentencing?”)

Yes.  Will stay on house arrest.

1:12pm (MST)
(Jeremy Jojola’s noon MST live report from Taos for KOB-TV.  His interview w/ still to come…)

[wpvideo rZc0v72m w=420]

1:53pm (MST)
(AUDIO:  Jeremy Jojola’s interview conducted at 12:43pm MST with following the verdicts in the Wayne Bent trial.)

Jeremy Jojola interview (14)

1:54pm (MST)
(Although I wrap-up my interview with Jeremy by stating that the interview completes the Wayne Bent trial coverage, I do realize the sentencing phase awaits on December 29.  Of course, this blog will cover that development, too.)

7:10pm (MST)
(Jeremy Jojola’s 5pm MST live report for KOB-TV appears below.  This story includes interviews with Wayne Bent and Jeff Bent.)

[wpvideo 9Xrheg1S w=420]



9 thoughts on “Day 6: Reporter’s updates from Wayne Bent trial”

  1. Thank you Ron…this was a hard case. if only Id known the things I do now, after watching the BBC and reading the info and his comments after the verdict. I feel it was a slap on the face for the judge to allow this creature to return to “The Land”

  2. Thanks to you and all the jurors for convicting him. Many of us were wondering how you would feel after the verdict; after you were able to read the stories and watch some of the videos that show much more than you were told by either side in the 5 day trial.

    He might have returned to “the land” for the moment but soon he’ll be locked up and we have the jury to thank for that. I’m sure many of the families he’s harmed over the years are grateful to all of you.

    Thanks again, you really did a great job and should be proud of serving on this jury and giving this man a fair trial.

  3. Thank you Ron…this was a hard case. if only Id known the things I do now, after watching the BBC and reading the info and his comments after the verdict. I feel it was a slap on the face for the judge to allow this creature to return to “The Land”

    Thank you so much “Juror,” for offering a glimpse of how it must feel now to know so very much that was kept from you. There are pages and pages that have been on line about the many crimes of Mr. Bent. Much of it of course because of Wayne’s enormous ego were posted by Wayne himself and then of course erased away, he hoped forever off the net.

    Thankfully much was not only preserved by Mr. Redman but it was reconstructed on his legal pages to be a blueprint for what Wayne has done and why and how it was so very very wrong. I would hope that all the jurors would take the time to read this site once you do, you will really be certain that you in fact made the right decision in his guilt. And hopefully he will get the maximum sentence under the law. He truly deserves it.

    Thanks “juror,” you and the others handled a challenging and unusual case admirably. You should be commended on the job you did.

  4. Thanks Jan… I was feeling that maybe we deliberated to fast. I can not beleive all that I have read tonight on this case this man if that what you want to call him is a disgrace I am sorry I didnt talk to the press after the verdict but I wanted to get out It has touched me and i did cry after I left. I have not read the link you sent but i plan on it right now. I will never forget the experience I just had in the 6 days of all this.

  5. I want to say to this juror and all those who deliberated on this case, you did the best you could with what you had to work with. I personally know this man and have family members who still remain with this cult,(I was once a member many years ago),and it amazes me to see the degradation of these people and how they are so blind to the truth.I have great concerns that he was allowed to return to “The Land” because they are now extremely vulnerable to his promptings. For the sake of those who remain and may have a chance to come out from amoung this insanity, I believe he should be taken to jail IMMEDIATELY so that his influence is limited by the bars he so justly deserves. He always taught “there are no victims” yet his whole unspoken message is that he has been victimized and he played an innocent “part” in his act to the world. He use to put people in “the chair” (a tool used in his “trainings” where you were placed before the trainers and in a sense placed on trial for your sin and weaknesses)and when he got the “ULTIMATE chair experience” he took NO responsibility and has shown NO remorse or repentance. He says he is innocent and that this was holy,he cannot see that it is an abomination to God and that Jesus Christ has no part in such behavior. He can post all he wants about the destruction of the world, it will come, but not because Wayne Bent got in trouble for sexual perversion. Wayne is guilty of far worse than what he has been slapped for.I hope that my beautiful younger sisters are able to catch a glimps of truth and come out of this group they were brought up in(one of my sisters became one of his many wives). They know no other way of life and for their sakes I pray Wayne is removed at once. Thank you for the very importsnt work you just did, this may save some lives.

  6. Rain, When I read such heartfelt posts as yours it only heightens my concern for the next 2 weeks at Strong City, while Wayne awaits his sentencing. I believe what has been shared to the world may only be the tip of the iceberg for what this man might be capable of in influencing his flock. Why in the world did the Judge not realize what a mistake to let him return? Anyone that has a family member there right now indeed should be very worried. thanks Rain, for sharing your thoughts on this.

  7. I have a bad news for all of you… Michael was not convicted, all of you and the world was found guilt… He is the 2nd comong of Christ and the world missed that. You put all your faults upon Him, that is why He was convicted. He is the only clean person in this world. He is the Son of God. I am so sorry for you.

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