Breaking News: Possible match in mystery feet case

Update: July 19, 6:57pm PST
Feet mystery unrelated to downed plane, CTV (link includes VIDEO)

DNA testing has eliminated the possibility that the feet found washing ashore in B.C. are linked to two brothers whose bodies were never found after a plane crash in 2005. –CTV

(July 18 ) Exclusive CTV video below


Updated: July 18, 6:40pm PST

News reports are just now popping-up on the Web that one of five “mystery feet” that have surfaced in the waters near Vancouver, British Columbia has been matched to a man who was known to be depressed.

Canada’s Globe & Mail goes as far to deliver the headline, Investigators match severed foot to missing man.

CTV’s more conservative headline reads, A possible breakthrough in missing feet mystery.

Be sure to visit the (above) CTV link as a *VIDEO* of tonight’s 6 o’clock CTV news story has just been added, to include exclusive coverage of the footless body that washed-up in nearby Washington State (more on that below).

CTV reports that investigators have made a DNA match between one of the feet and a missing man.  No word on the man’s name yet.  CTV says the name might not be released until next week.

It’s a paragraph near the end of the CTV story (near the bottom of the ol’ inverted pyramid) that, in my opinion, is worth of its own headline:

Meanwhile, CTV news has uncovered what may be another piece of the puzzle of the mystery feet. Today we spoke to a coroner who is dealing with a body with no feet.

That will get your attention.  True to nice television “tease”, CTV advises readers to tune it 6pm.

CTV (Canada) has also posted this updated article this evening.

The Beyond90Seconds archives on this case make for a fascinating collective read.  Follow the link to the archives, then scroll down to go back in time…

More on today’s development as it comes in…

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