BREAKING NEWS: Body found near 1995 Arizona murder scene

POLICE:  Cases are not connected

(Thatcher, Arizona) In what appears to be a bit of an eerie coincidence, a woman’s body has been found about a hundred yards away from what is arguably this rural town’s most high-profile unsolved murder: The 1995 murder of 29-year-old Mary Ann Holmes.

Speaking from this latest scene by telephone about an hour ago, Thatcher Police Chief Mark Stevens told that an “older” woman’s body was found today beneath an irrigation canal bridge.

Chief Stevens added that it’s not yet known whether the woman found today died as a result of foul play.  She has yet to be identified.

Holmes, meantime, was murdered on July 9. 1995.  An Arizona Republic article stated she died from “trauma to the head from several chopping-like blows by a large knife or hatchet.”

Investigators in Holmes case have always had the body.  They have yet to find her killer or killers.  Anyone with information about the Holmes case or the discovery of the body found today can call Thatcher police at (928 ) 428-2296.

1 thought on “BREAKING NEWS: Body found near 1995 Arizona murder scene”

  1. Mark,
    The Payne case is so sad! OMG How could this happen?!!! Those sweet little faces with such big eyes and huge smiles! I know they are in heaven and with no more tears, but it still grieves me to think of how much suffering they had to endure and who else
    is suffereing today in other situations. I hope the father gets life with no possibility for parole. They haven’t found Tyler yet? Do they need to find his little body to prosecute him for his son’s murder?
    Maybe he’ll get back to back life sentences.

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