Attorney in contempt? Judge wants an explanation

NM Vs. Wayne Bent

*Post updated at 1:15pm PST to include response from counsel for Justin B. Lea

An attorney with a Taos law firm has been ordered to appear before District Court Judge Gerald E. Baca on November 10. According to an Order to Show Cause filed in Union County on Monday, Justin B. Lea, an attorney with Maestas and Boothby PC, shall appear before Judge Baca “to show why he should not be held in contempt of court for impermissible contact with a State’s witness.”

Mr. Lea is represented by his employer, attorney Alan Maestas. This afternoon, Mr. Maestas told that he has written a response to the Order to Show Cause, and that the response is being sent “FedEx” today to the Union County Courthouse in Clayton.

Mr. Maestas declined further comment.

The court order appears below:


4 thoughts on “Attorney in contempt? Judge wants an explanation”

  1. If waybent is really fasting, he shouldn’t be alive by now.
    But just like all those other claims he’s made numerous times before….lies lies and more lies!
    When will this case be over?
    Is Court TV going to cover this case?
    Sure would make for interesting TV veiwing!

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