Attorney charged with contempt fights back

NM vs. Bent

According to a court filing on his behalf, attorney Justin Lea “is excercising his right to excuse Judge Gerald Baca from presiding over the cause of action wherein the State seeks to have Justin Lea answer to a charge of contempt of court.”

This new development in the Wayne Bent case comes in a Notice of Peremptory Excusal filed on November 5 by Lea’s attorney, Alan Maestas.

Maestas followed-up yesterday’s filing with a motion filed today that is aimed at dismissing a November 3 Order to Show Cause wherein Lea is ordered to appear before Judge Baca on November 10 “to show why he should not be held in contempt of court for impermissible contact with a State’s witness.”

The 13-page Motion to Dismiss Order to Show Cause v. Justin Lea and for Sanctions will be posted on later today. The document includes an “Exhibit A” that is a two-page “e-mail string.”

3 thoughts on “Attorney charged with contempt fights back”

  1. I don;t understand what this is about, can somebody please explain in plain english for me…sorry to sound so stupid, but legal mumbo jumBLe doesn’t make sense to most of us, especially in the waybent case!

  2. Seems to me it’s an attempt to change the subject. Let’s not talk about the crime, let’s talk about the judge, the attorneys, perhaps the weather… It’s an aggressive defense strategy. Usually very pricey. Who do you think might be paying for all of this?


  3. Usually very pricey. Who do you think might be paying for all of this?

    Certainly NOT mr WayBent! He’s too poor!
    His attorneys pulling the “Smoke Screen card”!
    Good move!
    I say Healed is desperate to defend mr WayBent because they actually had intercourse and she knows was wrong, but has “pinky promised” and won’t go to heaven if she tells.
    She will tell one of these days! Thats if she doesn’t kill herself when her god gets put away!

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