Attempting to Podcast…

*Warning: The suspect in this case is charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. The story is not appropriate for younger readers/listeners.


This is very much an “experiment” on my part, but I believe I have just successfully created a podcast. An old trick for many of you, I’m sure. But here I am, jumping into the fray.

Now, I’m going to attempt to post the podcast within this post. Of course, I bought a book about podcasting nearly a year ago, but only read parts of it some time ago. Trial and error seems to be my thing, at times.

The concept for my first podcast is simple: Take the article that I posted below and, after setting-up the story with a brief introduction, simply read it. Trust me, “beyond90seconds” lives up to its name here; going deeper than a typical local TV news story and offering much more detail. Perhaps too much information for the average person, but for those of you who follow true crime, this podcast will hopefully hold your attention from start to finish.

I also added a few pictures and graphics to the podcast (available in iPod’s .m4a file only) with hopes of making it even more interesting.

I don’t know if I’ll stick to the approach I’ve taken in this debut. But it’s a good baby step, I think, as I learn to gain traction in the blogosphere. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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