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Citizen journalists tackle mystery feet case

The investigation into British Columbia’s (and now Washington state’s) “mystery feet” has already made headlines around the world.  Now, the mostly unsolved cases concerning human feet that have washed ashore are freshly targeted by the eager lens of citizen journalists Ian MacKenzie and Matt Anderson. The duo recently published their 6-minute and 14-second video (now, […]

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Arrests made in barrel body case

UPDATE: (September 13, 12:43am PST)  The Winnipeg Sun has just published a second article Online concerning the arrests in the Chad Davis case.  The article is dated Saturday, September 13 and includes elements that mesh with tips from a source.  The tipster’s information–to include information about drugs and a taxi ride–was published in the […]

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British tabloid’s list includes Wayne Bent

Tabloid: 13 APOCALYPTIC SCENARIOS THAT NEVER HAPPENED Today’s  Online edition of The Daily Mirror includes the headline, 13 apocalyptic scenarios that never happened. The British tabloid’s list of 13 well-publicized cases includes the Heaven’s Gate cult and the “Y2K bug”. And beneath a lone word in bold type—APOCALYPSE–is the mention of “former sailor Michael Travesser.” […]

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Home searched near Barrel Body case

POLICE WON’T SAY IF SEARCH IS LINKED TO CHAD DAVIS INVESTIGATION (September 7)    Police had their guns drawn as they entered a small home in Manitoba around 5pm Thursday night.  According to an article in this morning’s Winnipeg Free Press, investigators will only say the search is linked to “a homicide”, but investigators aren’t saying […]

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