Video captures young Bald Eagle’s struggle to survive

(Camano Island, WA)  When Jeff Butts learned a young Bald Eagle might be in trouble an hour away from his Edmonds home, he knew he had to take action.

“It was a no-brainer,” Butts said.

That same day, Butts made the drive to Camano Island and located the eagle.

The young bird had recently left its nest, but it wasn’t flying.

When confronted with a scene like this one, what would be the right course of action?

Call for help?

Leave the bird alone and hope that it eventually flies off?

Are there laws that prohibit people from directly intervening?

The story told in the video below helps answer those questions and several more, as well.

See how Butts navigated a challenging decision-making process as he witnessed a young eagle that appeared to be in distress.

Butts also happens to be an avid eagle photographer.  The eaglet’s dramatic story unfolds through his lens.

Butts shared his video with me for the purpose of making this video.

Photographer Christian Sasse of British Columbia graciously provided additional video and photographs for this project.

It’s my hope that this video will prove both compelling and educational, resulting in an effective teaching tool.

Please feel free to share.


Jeff Butts’ website:

Christian Sasse on Facebook:

Hancock Wildlife Foundation:

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