Jeff Bent: “The Seven” will not give statements to DA

It looks like another line’s been drawn in the high desert sand as a showdown looms between the State of New Mexico and the defense team for embattled church leader Wayne Bent.

Last week, the State filed court papers notifying seven women in Bent’s church to appear at the DA’s office on November 3rd for the purpose of providing statements. It doesn’t appear the seven women are penciling-in that appointment on their calendars.

Consider the latest post written on the church’s Web site. It’s written by Bent’s son, Jeff Bent:

I spoke to “the seven” this morning about the appearance the DA’s office is seeking to force them to make. I was assured by them that they will not give a statement to the DA, regardless of the threats made by his office. A few hours later, a Motion for Protective Order was filed on their behalf by Attorney Alan Maestas of Taos.

With the addition of Maestas, Bent’s defense team now includes at least two attorneys (Maestas joins Sarah Montoya).

Here is an excerpt from Maestas’ bio on

Maestas believes that cases are best won through aggressive and comprehensive work prior to trial. His law firm, Maestas & Boothby, P.C. is a full service law firm with seven attorneys. The firm frequently associates with other law firms to insure cases are handled by people with the requisite experience and expertise.

48 thoughts on “Jeff Bent: “The Seven” will not give statements to DA”

  1. Why do they need another attorney? I thought that was what this fast is all about and they are waiting for help from GOD! These women did not have a choice in the matter of giving a statement regardless of what Wayne/Jeff has to say.

  2. Thanks so much for putting all of these court documents out here. It’s so much easier to follow and understand by looking at them directly instead of just hearing Jeff’s spin on them. I got the sense that they’re trying to blackmail God as well as the DA.

    Ron, when you can’t afford an attorney for a criminal proceeding the courts appoint a public defender. They are usually private law firms who have a contract with the State. Everyone gets a lawyer no matter how poor they are (or pretend to be).

  3. I understand that, I just thought that Wayne and his non tax-paying cult who hate everything about America would not accept help from the evil empire.

  4. After looking at the website for the new lawyer, I question whether this lawyer is being paid by the defendents or is a public defender. This seems to be a high-powered lawyer with special expertise in his specialty. Perhaps these people are no as poor as they have described themselves as being. Or perhaps they don’t need their food money anymore so it can be used for other things?

  5. avatar
    Middle of the night, really?

    I have an ignorant question that has nothing to do with the subject. Are the times that are posted with each comment accurate? Are people really posting comments in the middle of the night?

  6. NO, I’m not posting in the middle of the night. It’s morning here in California, more like 7:30am or 8am. Right this moment, it’s 8:45am here.

  7. Maybe they did hire the attorneys since they have lots of assets.

    In terms of not taking money from the evil empire, they have no problem accepting social security checks, unemployment checks or paying taxes on their purchases. We hammered at them for days on the Hub about that and they never once admitted to the contradiction between their words and their actions.

  8. I see the DA will now NOT require the seven to give statements. Mark, do you have any insight as to what is behind the decisions that are being made? Has anyone, or will anyone check on the welfare of the residents of Strong City anytime soon. According to them, this is their 7th day with no food and no juice or water. Perhaps they are drinking “broth” or “soda” or some other liquid while adhering to the dictionary meaning of what they say they are doing? They seem to have enough energy to hire a lawyer and so forth, and it seems you would be feeling very ill and not be able to function at all if you were fasting as they claim to be. I would think they would be near death.

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    Middle of the night, really?

    Thanks Justice! I think my own post answered my question as it was more like 10ish am central time when I posted it. LOL I don’t know why but that made me curious for some reason.

  10. I think that if Adult Protective Services or law enforcement can make a case that any of them are endangering themselves or others they can take them in on a 72 hour hold. At least that’s how it works here.

    I’m just surmising here but I would think that this would be a big political nightmare problem for the state and the governor. If it turns out that they do starve themselves to death and the state knew that they were planning to and did nothing the governor will have a lot of public explaining to do. Can you imagine if law enforcement and social services knew about Heaven’s Gate ahead of time and did nothing? My guess is that the local county isn’t calling the shots on this one and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if at least some of them are removed from the property. My recollection is that NM wasn’t doing anything about it until the documentary was scheduled to air in the US and then they rushed to cover their butts and get involved before it did.

  11. As far a legal fees go, WB’s attorney is a public defender. He told the court he didn’t have money for an attorney so they appointed one. She is paid by the state and or county for her tireless work on his behalf, which I might add has not been easy considering his antics.

    The attorney that JB hired for the “7” could be working “pro bono” which means for the public good and is voluntary and free. But, SC does have assets and money so I don’t know if that is the case. If the order has been dropped, they won’t need an attorney anymore so unless they hired him to hang around and see what happens, his part is over.

    And yes, the Country that WB hates so much is paying his legal fees to protect his rights as a citizen of this Country. Not to mention the other money he gets from SS, etc.

    Today at 2:30 is the telephone hearing for a Change of Venue. Hopefully we’ll hear something after that. There is also a new motion for an emergency status on condition of defendant and those living at Strong City that was filed yesterday.

    The slowness here is because unless the person is a minor or wandering around in a public area ranting and raving you can’t just go in take them away. If someone there called 911 and said I’m going to kill myself THEN law enforcement could go in and do something. And if in the process they found other people in bad shape they could help them as well. But, in this case until a court order is signed no one is going to be able to take someone from their home.

    Waiting and watching!

  12. Wayne basically has publically said that he is going to commit suicide. I’ve always heard that we should take anyone seroiusly when they threaten suicide, and that it is really a cry for help.

  13. True! But, it’s a fine line from actually calling someone and saying I’m going to kill myself and just writing about it on an internet site.
    Sadly, there have been cases where people wrote about it in a chat room and went through with it. Some of those times help was actually called but was too late.
    I’m sure there are all sorts of entities near SC who want to help but because helping people has occasionally come back and bitten them in the behind due to our “rights” they want the law on their side.

  14. “*UPDATE* 10/30/08 9:10 AM This morning the DA’s office informed Mr. Maestas that they are withdrawing the notices for the seven and will not compel them to appear for questioning.”

    So the seven witnesses won’t be witnesses. Is this enough deliverance for them to end their fast? I’d say that a big juicy celebration peach is in order right about now.

  15. A lot of the comments and posts I’ve read say that WB is already fasting from water. I just re-read his original post and the post with Bernice’s letter and it looks like Wayne won’t start fasting from water until the 1st and Bernice and a few other unnamed people started fasting water on the 25th. I wonder how those people are doing…

  16. I dont know about the lawyer question but i do know that wayne bent will never and i mean never stand in that jury box before god and the world to answer for what he has done and was stopped before he could complete, which was the rape of those children and using god and religion for his rape toolkit, his toolkit has already allowed for adultry with the sects families., jesus was not ashamed to go before the court in rome as his works were not shameful, now wayne has been living in the flesh shamefully breaking the LAW OF GOD and as he comes slowly back to GOD OUR FATHER he is chastized greatly and only feels shame and cowardice for his long trip with the father of lust that wayne loves to worship.,, wayne bent will not stand in gods court and swear before god his works., lucifer is the ultimate coward.,

    2pe 2:10 But chiefly them that walk after the flesh in the lust of uncleanness, and despise government. Presumptuous are they, selfwilled, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities.

  17. another thing wayne will hide behind the sects members and whoever else he can sneaking food hoping that thier deaths and suffering will stop justice just as his father hitler did in germany when his house of cards fell and only then taking his own life the ultimate coward

  18. If Jeff talked to the “7 witnesses” and then they decided that they wouldn’t be testifying against Wayne, isn’t that cohersion? Doesn’t anyone else suspect some foul play on behalf of Jeff? I’d be concerned that he threatened them in some way and that made them decide not to testify. Are there any other people that the state could call for character witnesses?

    I am deeply concerned about the health of these people out there. Is there anything we can do to help them?

  19. I am deeply concerned about the health of these people out there. Is there anything we can do to help them?


    30 Oct 08 at 6:23 am

    If only they would eat it, we could send them some food.

  20. I am very pleased to see the system work to the fullest in defense of the accused (even Wayne). I am always happy to see even the guilty go free if they cannot be convicted by the best efforts of the prosecution (this way, the barriers preventing false convictions stay high, protecting the innocent).

    So, I am glad to see Wayne (and his crew) engage the services of a well-staffed law firm. There were too many good defense tactics and strategies going unused. This now might be quite an interesting contest.

    Let the games begin!

  21. I wonder if the SC website being down has anything to do with today’s hearing. Have you heard anything Mark?

  22. The hearing should be starting right now, maybe already started. It’s 2:45 in NM. It’s by telephone so unless they can’t do internet and phone at the same time I wouldn’t think the hearing would affect the site. Maybe the attorney said to go back on a word fast!

    Sam, while every person gets their day in court, Wayne doesn’t seem to want his. That presents some problems for his attorney because one of the conditions of his release from jail was:
    #6. Defendant shall attend all future hearing in this matter.
    So, if he doesn’t show, even by phone when it’s allowed to do so, it’s more problems for him.
    And the saga continues…

  23. I was thinking more along the lines of the results of the hearing but its probably not over so thats probably not the reason the website is down.

  24. I was told once that Wayne has bank accounts in the State of California that he has kept them secret from the church.

  25. The Strong City website is NOT down. And Jeff must be getting some sustenance of some sort because he’s right on it posting events as they happen.

  26. October 30, 2008 Michael Travesser Arrested
    I just copied and pasted this from the Strong City Web Site.

    The Union County Sheriff’s Office came to Strong City and arrested Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser at about 4:30 PM. His arrest was ordered by Judge Gerald E. Baca. He was transported to the hospital in Clayton by ambulance. Mr. Bent commenced his “no water or food” fast as he was driven out the gate. His fast will continue until he is delivered. The fast at Strong City will continue until our deliverance.

  27. Sam Redman: You’re so full of it. If you know so much, why don’t you give Bent’s attorney a call and tell ’em how it’s done?

  28. Wonder if you can still be on a no water or food fast if you are tied to a hospital bed with an IV and/or feeding tube?
    And the motion to check on the condition of the defendant also including checking on the condition of the other people living at SC. So IF that’s why he was arrested and taken away the others will be next.
    It might not have been that order though, he might have violated one of his conditions of release which will get you thrown back in jail pretty quickly.
    Either way I don’t think he’ll be returning to SC anytime soon. And if Jeff is now in charge he’ll be held to account for the welfare of everyone still at SC.
    While they’re waiting for deliverance they might want to have a bite to eat because it looks like it might be a long wait.

  29. I think, Sleuth, that Mr. Redman could very well do that if he had the desire to do so. But, tell me this: why should anyone help the bent man get away with child molestation, past or future?

  30. It’s always easy to critize when you don’t really know what’s going on, and that’s what Redman is doing.

  31. I read earlier where someone was talking about maybe some of the victims had changed thier story and i dont get it, are the domestic laws in new mexico different from all the other states? What do you mean case? I sorry but im sure it makes no difference whether the victims change thier story or not,this happened in the u.s. right? Wayne is an authority figure isnt he? he is male right? The victims were female and underage? Well you know i hear there is the thing about abusers where they manipulate and use coersion from a position of power on family members… you reckon that applies here……….. do we really need to ask or think about that…….
    thankfully the laws in america have been worked around changing stories so that the state needs noone to carry out swift justice and brand the man….
    well i guess if wayne had his input he might say he should get preferential treatment like what is good for all other americans may not be right for him,, yeah i would like to be in ear shot of wayne as he explains how he is different from all of us americans

  32. Rick, you’re exactly right. The victims were interviewed in a safe house and their first statements are what the trial is based on exactly because of the possibility of coercion from an authority figure.
    They can change their stories over and over but it won’t make a bit of difference in what their new testimony might be because it’s already there, recorded on paper and probably video. And in this case it also happens to be all over the world wide web in writings and videos posted by the defendant and others over the years.

  33. One of their postings said that “The order specifies the names of three individuals are to be removed from Strong City by force and taken to Las Vegas for mental health evaluation.”

    Does anyone know which three people they’re referring to?

  34. Was Wayne arrested based on statements he made during the afternoon phone session with the judge? Or, naybe they said he was too incapacitated to come to the phone. It does seem strange that he had a phone session scheduled for this afternoon and then the ambulance shows up based on the same judge’s order.

  35. Sam Redman: It WOULD seem strange if your information was correct. Why don’t you call his lawyer and find out what’s REALLY going on?

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