First Time Lapse: Seattle

Seattle time lapse / September 14, 2011

After a few years of watching the emergence of DSLR cameras, I finally took the leap and bought one a couple of months ago.  I primarily fancied (well, darn near drooled over) these cameras for their ability to produce stunning, high-def video.

In the jargon of photography, it’s said a histogram can have a nice curve.  Still not as steep, though, as the learning curve I’m climbing.

To date, I’ve shot and edited three videos using the Canon 7D.  Each time I learn a bit more.  And each time, I come to appreciate that there is still much more to learn.

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to work on my first time lapse.  But this was done with significant helpful instruction and guidance from a true pro, Ric Kasnoff.  Also in our group that stood shooting from an overlook in west Seattle on Wednesday, Kasnoff’s friend and  fellow-photographer Jerry Kacey.

Together, we each had cameras programmed to take photos at regular intervals while pointed across the water towards the Seattle skyline; thousands of individual photos destined to become three videos.  “My” timelapse appears below.  I use the word “my” very loosely.  Kasnoff was a great help. For this exercise, I used one of his cameras, a Nikon D7000. In no way can I claim that this timelapse is the fruit of my sole effort.

Both Kasnoff and Kacey were very gracious as they indulged my asking all sorts of questions related to DSLR cameras.

Meantime, I didn’t let the opportunity pass without shooting a few stills with the Canon 7D; as the conditions offered yet another opportunity to experiment with the settings and learn more about them.  I was pleased with the way the photo below turned-out (click image for larger view).

Photo taken with Canon 7D

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