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What was that out in the waters of Puget Sound?

What’s that in the water? Photo taken at Picnic Point Park in Edmonds, Washington on September 29, 2015.

(Edmonds, WA) On a late September day, I drove to Picnic Point Park in Edmonds to Periscope (broadcast) what was shaping-up to be a promising sunset from the beach.

I arrived just minutes prior to the sun’s sinking behind the Olympic Mountains.

No clouds in the sky.

No haze.

The distant peaks across Puget Sound seemed destined for tack sharp images in my Canon 7D, and for a visually pleasing Periscope broadcast, as well.

After walking over a narrow plank stretched two-or-three inches above the rising tide, I found a tiny spit of beach where upon I hurriedly set-up my tripod.

Next, I opened the Periscope app on my iPhone, entered a title for my broadcast, then secured that phone in the hot shoe directly atop my Canon.

But immediately prior to pressing Periscope’s red Start Broadcast button, I clicked-off three quick shots of the setting sun, now right atop the Olympics.

Once the broadcast began, my attention turned to my iPhone screen, where I welcomed viewers and responded to comments.

When I returned home later that night, I imported my photos in Adobe Lightroom on my PC.

And that’s when something caught my eye.

Something was making a bit of a splash out in the water.

Seagulls were overhead.

A look at the next photo revealed a bit more.

And a bigger splash.

Still, I wasn’t sure what creature had been out there, totally unbeknownst to me, during my time at the beach.

The mystery compelled me to re-visit my Periscope broadcast for a closer look.

In doing so, I believe I’ve been able to successfully identify the animal.

And while examining the video and photos, a sort of self-examination unfolded, extending the narrative of this story.

See it all unfold in the video below.

Prior to finishing the editing on this video, I shared the events of that September day at the beach with my friend, Christian Sasse.

Christian is a well-known bald eagle photographer, physicist, and amateur astronomer.

He reminded me that he often makes discoveries in his images that he did not see while taking them.

In an email, Christian also wrote the following:

That reminds me….Whilst driving to Penticton, I was listening to a radio station talking about mindfulness. It really struck and shook me. Most of the time we are mindless which means we do not make a conscious effort to observe new things because we are rushing around. So when I walk to work now I try and notice 5 new things I have not seen before. I was surprised what impact it made on me.  Same with people. Find something new in a person you know every day.”

Christian shared a link to that radio program, hosted on the website

That broadcast features an interview with social psychologist Ellen Langer.

Langer defines mindfulness as, “The simple act of actively noticing things, with the result of increased health, competence, and happiness.”

That audio interview now appears on this page, below the video.



DSLR picture Washington wildlife

Photos: Sun-splashed Edmonds, WA

(Edmonds, WA)  While working on a video project in Edmonds on Monday, I also had the opportunity to shoot some pictures.

I thought I’d share some of those photos here.

Earlier in the day, I’d actually wondered if I’d have any luck, at all, with the weather.

In Snohomish, it had been raining intermittently throughout the morning.

Edmonds delivered a beautiful—dare I say warm—mostly sunny afternoon and early evening.

And, at times, it felt as if I nearly had the beaches all to myself (I spent time at the beach south of the marina, then awaited sunset at another beach just north of the ferry dock).

One of the highlights was seeing a Bald Eagle atop a pole near the ferry dock.

My kind of day!


ABC News BBC British Broadcasting Corporation crime reporter law enforcement Macedonia murder News picture police rape reporting serial killers suicide The Guardian true crime Vlado Taneski

Journalist charged with rapes and murders he reported

UPDATE:  Suspect found dead

Vlado Taneski

(June 24, 7:55am PST) “Murder he wrote” (ABC News)

“The last victim, a 65-year old female, was found with 13 deep wounds on her skull and multiple rib fractures,” Kotevski told ABC News. -ABC News

(June 23, 4:45pm PST):  “The shocking story of a newspaper crime reporter who knew too much” (The Guardian UK)

When Vlado Taneski wrote about the serial killer stalking his hometown in Macedonia, his eye for detail was such that the story was soon riveting readers. The journalist’s inside knowledge of the brutal murders of three elderly women in the tiny town of Kicevo ensured that newspaper editors gave his columns prominence. -The Guardian UK

(June 23, 4:51am PST):  The BBC is now reporting that murder suspect Vlado Taneski has been found dead in jail.  According to the BBC’s Web site, police say Taneski committed suicide by “putting his head in a bucket full of water.”

-additional news articles:

Belfast Telegraph:

“Vlado Taneski committed suicide. He put his head in a pail full of water.

“It is unclear how none of his cell mates or guards noticed while he was doing so.

“He ended like in a horror movie,” a police spokesperson said.

The Guardian (UK):

Taneski was arrested on Friday at his home in Kicevo. Police found pornography in his home and took “biological material”, which they allege is a DNA match for samples taken from the victims, from his summer cottage in a nearby village on Saturday.

(also from The Guardian)

Ljupco Popovski, the editor-in-chief of Utrinski Vesnik told the Associated Press everyone there was “shocked” by the news.

“I know him as an exceptionally quiet man and I would never believe that he is capable of doing something like that,” Popovski said.

“He used to work for us till January this year. He was for more than 20 years a correspondent for the daily Nova Makedonija and he got the highest merits for his journalistic job there in the mid 80s. I remember that because I was at the same daily at that time.”

( June 22, 2008 ) A sensational story is emerging in Macedonia, where a newspaper reporter is charged with raping and murdering two women.  Police believe the suspect is linked to at least one additional murder.

Initial reports suggest the suspect had a severely poor relationship with his late mother and took out his anger on the victims, ultimately cutting them into pieces.

The investigation appears to have turned its focus on 56-year-old journalist Vlado Taneski after his stories included unreleased details about the murders.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Web site:

Police allege that he kidnapped and abused the women, in their 50s and 60s, before cutting them into pieces and dumping them in plastic bags.

“He is also suspected of being involved in… [the disappearance of] a 78-year-old female who is still missing,” said police spokesman Ivo Kotevski.

“All victims were found naked, strangled, wrapped with phone cables,” the spokesman said.

All the women apparently had similarities to the suspect’s late mother, with whom he reportedly had a poor relationship.

More information about this story is available at the BBC’s Web site.

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