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Ronnie “The Rocket” Case a familiar name at Ventura Raceway

UPDATE:  (June 19, 2010 / 4:50pm PST):  Arraignment Monday for Camarillo couple in Santa Monica slaying / Ventura County Star / June 19, 2010 “A Camarillo race car driver and a woman who worked for a business that sponsored his car face a Monday arraignment after being arrested as suspects in the 2008 slaying of a […]

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AG asks NM Supreme Court to deny Bent’s petition

Update: High court rejects sect leader’s bond petition, (KOB-TV/AP, 10/27/09) Update: Attorney John McCall Responds to the AG (, 10/19/09) (Note from Mark: This development in the Wayne Bent case was addressed with an “update” link in a previous post, A message from Jeff Bent.  However, I thought it would be best to provide this […]

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A message from Jeff Bent

Update: AG asks state Supreme Court to deny Bent appeal (, 10/16) Advisory: Comments in this thread have been re-opened Update: “Imprisoned For Sabbath Keeping” (, 10/7) *NEW*: VIDEO, “Wayne Bent defends his hunger strike” (, 9/24) Update: “Judge rules in favor of force feeding imprisoned cult leader”  (, 9/23) Update: “Judge puts fasting cult leader […]

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iTragedy: Do newsrooms have an ap for that?

COMMENTARY Please pardon any perceived insensitivity in my posing the question, but what if the events of September 11, 2001 had unfolded on September 11, 2009?  I’m thinking of today’s cell phones, the iPhone and similar technologies. I’m thinking of the potential for even more intense discussion in the newsroom wherein new and frightening scenarios […]

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Wayne Bent fasting in prison again

New: A message from Jeff Bent (, September 17, 2009) Update: Bent may be forced to eat (Albuquerque Journal North, September 7, 2009). “At the very least, the warden told him if this religious fast progresses into the extent of a hunger strike, force-feeding could be on the table,” Bland said. (Albuquerque Journal North) ————————————————————————————————————————- […]

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Journalist who returned to Wayne Bent story shares insights into case

In today’s audio interview, freelance journalist Alex Hannaford speaks about the controversial Wayne Bent case. It’s a case that has been covered extensively by  It’s also been featured on numerous television programs, including Larry King Live (transcript) and Dr. Phil. In the 2008 National Geographic documentary, “Inside a Cult,” Bent stated, “I am the […]

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