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Dutch Harbor travel makes for wondrous bald eagle photography adventure

Photographer Jack Molan, aka “Captain Jack,” moments after arriving in Dutch Harbor, Alaska on Saturday, February 24, 2018.
Moments after arriving in Dutch Harbor, photographer Christian Sasse captured this dramatic moment featuring two bald eagles beneath the moon and a mostly blue sky. (still frame taken from video)
Photographer Christian Sasse speaking live to Beyond 90 Seconds on YouTube.


Armed with several cameras, lenses and a myriad of other accessories, photographers Christian Sasse and Jack Molan arrived in Dutch Harbor, Alaska on Saturday to embark on a unique bald eagle photography adventure.

Sasse’s pack includes a camera that shoots a thousand frames per second, allowing for a super slow-motion look at bald eagles, including the intricate  movements of feathers during takeoffs and landings.

Molan, a longtime fishing boat captain who’s spent three decades fishing out of “Dutch,” developed his passion for bald eagle photography while out at sea. The raptors would gather on his ship’s railings as the catch was collected, making for a unique outdoor photography studio floating upon the open ocean.

On Sunday, Sasse and Molan were interviewed live by Beyond 90 Seconds on YouTube

Speaking from Dutch Harbor, the men shared their excitement about their trip, as well as specific details about Dutch Harbor travel, photography, and exactly what makes Dutch Harbor a unique and challenging destination for bald eagle photography.


Additional info

Christian Sasse is also physicist with a PhD in optics. This is why this dynamic duo is sometimes referred to as, “The Fisherman & the Physicist.”

This trip to “Dutch” is a follow-up adventure to the duo’s first joint-photo trip to the same location in March 2014.

Listen to a fantastic interview featuring guest Jack Molan on the Galley Stories podcast, hosted by Mark Caylor.  I learned a lot from this interview, and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

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A Camano Island Moment

Mount Baker appears beyond Skagit Bay in this view from the English Boom Historical Park on Camano Island.
Mount Baker appears beyond Skagit Bay in this view from Camano Island.

One of my favorite places to visit on Camano Island is the English Boom Historical Park.

Located near a tiny airfield where the runway literally ends at the edge of a bluff overlooking Skagit Bay, you’re still more likely to see bald eagles than planes coming from that airport  (although, you could also see small planes coming from a second nearby—but grass—runway located within the bay, but I digress).

This post is simply an opportunity to share some ordinary moments captured on camera Monday evening.

An importan word of caution, though.  If you visit the English Boom Historical Park and decide to venture out along the trails, be certain you’re aware of the tides.  The last thing you want is to become stuck in the bay during high tide.  The area’s filled with deep, narrow channels that fill with water as the tide comes in.  You can become surrounded by water in what seems like an instant.

Don’t get stuck calling for rescuers.  Know the tides.  And don’t push it, waiting until the last minutes before heading back to the main parking lot.

Okay, with those words of caution now out of the way, here’s a look at A Camano Island Moment; ordinary for the English Boom, yet symbolic of so many treasured moments experienced within this jewel of a location.