Mystery deepens: Another foot washes up in British Columbia

Update: Coroner confirms ID of foot found on Richmond beach (Vancouver Sun, November 5, 2009)


shoe_8Another human foot has washed ashore in British Columbia.

According to a story filed on CTV’s website late this afternoon, foot number 8 was found on Tuesday by two men walking along a beach in Richmond, B.C.

The foot was inside a white, size 8.5 Nike running shoe, according to Cpl. Annie Linteau of RCMP E Division. –CTV

CTV reports that an autopsy performed today confirmed that the foot is human.

The case of the “mystery feet” began with the discovery of foot number 1 in August, 2007.

Interestingly, the latest CTV report uses the words, “…another severed foot has washed up.”  To my knowledge, there is no proof that any of the feet in this case were severed.  As previous reports on this blog have stated, researchers have said that it is possible that the feet simply “disarticulated” as a result of the predictable patterns of decomposition beneath the sea.

Media around the world have followed the mostly unsolved cases of the “mystery feet” (investigators have identified one foot).

Still unanswered:  Are any of these cases the result of foul play?

And one must wonder if another foot will wash ashore?  Unless it’s a match (providing helpful evidence) to this week’s discovery, let’s hope not.

Eight is enough.

*RCMP News Release (10/28/09)

**Additional stories concerning foot number 8

***Pig video lends insight into B.C.’s human feet mystery (One of my favorite posts to date, but please be warned that it includes pictures and videos of dead pigs)

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