Mark Horner

Mark Horner

My background is largely in television news.  I worked as a reporter  from 1987 to 2008 at television stations in Washington, Arizona, Wisconsin and New Mexico.  I also worked as a news anchor for several of those years.

During my first four years in television, I shot and edited my own stories on a daily basis.  I’ve had a passion for photography ever since.  It jells neatly with that other passion I’ve had since I was in elementary school; storytelling.

I eventually made a bit of a name for myself as an award-winning investigative reporter and have appeared in interviews on several national TV programs (Dateline, American Justice, The Investigators, Snapped, and others).

I’ve also written a true crime book, September Sacrifice (Kensington Publishing Corp, 2004).

In 2009, I accepted a position with the Washington State Department of Licensing as the agency’s New Media Coordinator.  In this position, I produce videos and manage the DOL’s social media.

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Mark Horner



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